IEEE EMC Society Awards

Call for EMC Society Awards Nominations

Nominations Due: February 15, 2024
By Stephanie Zajac, EMC Society Awards Committee Chair

Our Society is successful because of the many volunteers who contribute their time and energy for the good of the EMC Society and their fellow EMC colleagues. The IEEE EMC Society sponsors a number of awards to recognize those people who have made significant contributions to the Society and/or the EMC profession. These awards are presented at the awards luncheon held during the annual symposium. Next year, the awards will be presented on August 8 during the 2024 IEEE International Symposium on EMC+SIPI scheduled from August 5 to August 9 in Phoenix, Arizona.

We are soliciting awards nominations from you, your fellow members, and nonmembers. Keep in mind that while nonmembers can nominate a deserving colleague for an award, award recipients must be a member of the EMC Society. (An exception is the Certificate of Recognition which is awarded to nonmembers as shown below.) Please review the various categories listed below. When you find a category that fits someone you know and feel deserves recognition for their efforts, please consider nominating them for that award. Details of the nomination and selection procedures may vary for different awards so be sure to review the “Summary of EMC Society Awards” first, before making a nomination. You can find detailed Awards Descriptions and Nomination Forms, as well as a list of past recipients of the major awards below.

You can download the nomination form, fill it out, and send it to Stephanie Zajac, Chair of the Awards Committee at Nominations are due February 15, 2024. The EMC Society Board of Governors and Officers at Large reviews the nominations with award recipients selected approximately three months prior to the annual symposium.

Although not indicated in the instructions, for the most prestigious awards, the submission of 2-4 endorsement letters to support the nomination is highly appreciated.

Summary of EMC Society Awards

Richard R. Stoddart Award for Outstanding Performance
To recognize the outstanding performance of an EMC Society member in contributing to the advancement of EMC technology or in contributing to the solution of a socio-technological problem.

Laurence G. Cumming Award for Outstanding Service
To recognize the outstanding service of an EMC Society member in contributing to the administration and overall success of the Society.

EMC Society President’s Memorial Award
To honor a deceased, eminent member of the EMC Society through scholarship support for graduate study given in his/her memory.

EMC Society Hall of Fame Award
To recognize current and past members of the IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Society for significant accomplishments of a historical and/or enduring nature on behalf of the EMC Society over an extended period of time. The contributions could be in the technical area, administrative area, or a combination of both areas.

Technical Achievement Award
To recognize significant technical accomplishments in the field of Electromagnetic Compatibility.

The Sustained Service to the Society Award
To recognize current members of the IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Society for significant and sustained service to the administration and the overall success of the EMC Society over an extended period.

Honored Member Award
To recognize outstanding service to the EMC Society over an extended period.

Herbert K. Mertel Young Professional Award
To recognize a Young Professional member of the IEEE EMC Society for significant service to the administration and the overall success of the Society in the first years of their professional career.

Given in honor of the late Herbert K. Mertel, whose dedication and contributions to the field of engineering illustrates success in a professional career and will encourage the achievements and potential of a young professional. In addition to consulting in the field of EMC, Mertel was very active in IEEE’s EMC Society and served on its Board of Governors from 1979-1983 and 1989-1993. Mertel received the Laurence G. Cumming Award for outstanding service to the EMC Society in 2005 and was ultimately presented with a prestigious “Hall of Fame” Award in 2009 for his continued contributions to the EMC Society throughout his long and illustrious career.

IEEE James C. Klouda Memorial Scholarship Award
Established in memory of James C. Klouda, a scholarship is awarded to a qualified undergraduate student who seeks an electrical engineering degree with emphasis in the field of EMC.

Certificate of Appreciation
To recognize a significant contribution to the administration and overall success of the EMC Society.

Certificate of Acknowledgement
To acknowledge a special service to the EMC Society, such as an organizer of an IEEE EMC symposium session or acting as a liaison with another IEEE Society.

Certificate of Recognition
Bestowed as a very special mark of recognition to an individual who is not a member of the EMC Society.

Excellence in Continuing EMC Engineering Education Award
This award recognizes an outstanding EMC engineering educator and member of the IEEE EMC Society for excellence in the design, delivery, and support of education courses and programs in the fields of interest to EMC engineering.

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