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Standards Advisory and Coordination Committee Members

Representative NameRepresented CommitteeCommittee Description
Naruaez, PabloISO TC20 SC14Space Systems and Operations
Lukash, JamesAIAA S-121-2009EMC Requirements for Space Equipment and Systems
Keshvari,JafarIEEE SCC-39 (ICES)International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety
Keshvari,JafarIEC TC106Methods for the assessment of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields associated with human exposure
[Vacant]AAMIAssociation for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation
Hoolihan, DanANSI-accredited standards committee C63® EMCMeasurement methods, test instrumentation, calibration, lab accreditation/assessment and device immunity (medical focus)
Abbondante, NickIEC CISPR/ARadio-interference measurements and statistical methods
Hoolihan, DanIEC CISPR/BInterference relating to industrial, scientific and medical radio-frequency apparatus, to other (heavy) industrial equipment, to overhead power lines, to high voltage equipment and to electric traction
Fanning, CraigIEC CISPR/DAutomotive EMC
Kootz,ThiloIEC CISPR/HLimits for the protection of radio services
Pettit, GheryIEC CISPR/IElectromagnetic compatibility of information technology equipment, multimedia equipment and receivers
[Vacant]ITI TC5Information Technology Industry Council – EMC
Fanning, CraigISO TC22/SC3/WG3Automotive EMC Immunity Test Standards Development Working Group
Fanning,CraigSociety of Automotive EngineersDevelopment and maintenance of standards, recommended practices, and information reports related to all aspects of EMC as it applies to surface vehicles and their components regardless of propulsion method or electrical system voltage.
Stewart, EricSAE AE4Electromagnetic Environmental Effects
[Vacant]CENELEC TC210Coordination of EMC standardization activities undertaken by the product committees and development of a system to encompass EMC activities.
 Benítez,HenryIEC TC65/SCA/WG4EMC and functional safety of equipment and systems used in industrial process test, measurement, control and automation