Sister Societies Program

There is a particular need for any technical society to grow, in order to strengthen itself as a global society. EMC is one of those technical areas that is truly global.

The EMC Society has a vision to increase cooperation and awareness of global EMC issues that are essential to the continued development of safe and reliable electronic systems and devices, to increase the participation of individual members of the IEEE EMC Society with global partners, and to facilitate the growth and support of emerging and expanding technologies.

Through Sister Society Agreements, possible collaboration in the areas of membership, publications, technical meetings, and various joint activities are promoted. The EMC Society will make available IEEE Affiliate Membership to the members from other societies with whom we have Sister Society Agreements, which provides many of the same privileges as EMC-S members for publications, subscriptions, access to EMC-S on-line publications, and technical activities. In addition, technical meetings will benefit from the co-sponsorship of conferences, symposia and workshops, and the mutual granting of registration discounts.

The chief target is reaching outside the U.S. to IEEE and non-IEEE EMC entities. If you are aware of sister society relationships that should be considered, or you would like to learn more about developing such a relationship, please contact the IEEE EMC Sister Society Coordinator, Vignesh Rajamani at