In support of the engineering profession as a whole, it is IEEE Policy to encourage relationships with other organizations. Such relationships may be in the form of a conference co-sponsorship, technical co-sponsorship, or they may have more limited involvement in symposia or meetings with a “cooperation” type of arrangement.

The main differences lie in responsibilities. With a co-sponsorship, the EMC-S shares significant responsibility in the technical, financial, publicity and administrative aspects of the conference. The conference can use the IEEE name and logo. A technical co-sponsorship has direct and substantial involvement in the development, organization, and running of the technical program, but no financial involvement in the conference. The IEEE name may not be used in the conference title, but the IEEE and EMC-S brands/logos may be used in conference publications and promotional materials. Both of these types of sponsorship require that the partnering organization be a “Not-for-Profit” organization.

With a “cooperation” relationship, the EMC-S has no financial involvement, no substantive technical involvement, and no administrative involvement. The IEEE Masterbrand cannot be used in any form. The purpose of a cooperation relationship is to support the EMC community as a whole, by sharing resources for mutual benefit. The relationship may result in reciprocal appointments of representatives, delegates, or a corporate membership in both organizations, a joint membership program including a membership dues reduction, access to publications and technical meetings, and assistance in publicity with a complimentary booth space and advertisements in publications. All such relationships must conform with IEEE Policies, notably Section 5.


The EMC Society has funds put aside for co-sponsorship of EMC-related events. Learn more…

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Sister Society Agreements

The EMC Society has established agreements with various international EMC related organizations where a “Cooperating” type of involvement is beneficial to both groups. These organizations are our Sister Societies, and the agreements are designed to promote additional cooperation through a joint membership program and joint activities. Click HERE for more information.

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IEEE EMC Society, Member Services
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