Respected Speakers

The IEEE EMC Society Respected Speakers Bureau

The EMC Society has established the Respected Speakers Bureau to provide local chapters with a list of speakers that are well respected and are recommended to the Chapters as possible speakers (in addition to the Distinguished Lecturer program). These speakers may be past Distinguished Lecturers or other well known and respected EMC professionals.

Travel for these speakers is not funded by the society but may be funded by local chapters or may be in conjunction with other travel by the speaker (resulting in no extra travel costs). Angel funds may also be possible to help support this activity.

The list of Respected Speakers is growing, so keep looking at the list for your favorite speaker! The initial speakers that have agreed to serve the society in this manner are listed below. If you have any suggestions for additional speakers please contact Ram Achar at

Omar Ramahi

  • The Exotic World of Metamaterials and its Relevance to EMI/EMC Engineers
  • What Causes Radiation?

Colin Brench

  • EMI shielding, design and measurements methods for product development
  • Antenna behavior for EMC engineers
  • Measurements and modeling two very similar issues

Jim Drewniak

  • Power Distribution Network Concepts and Design for Multi-layer PCBs
  • High-Speed Link Path Analysis and Design – Dividing and Conquering
  • Concepts for PCB EMI Design

Cheung-Wei Lam

  • Obtaining Benefits from EMC Software Analysis Tools
  • Common Misconceptions about Inductance & Current Return Path
  • Signal Integrity Design versus Radiated Emission Control

Werner Schaefer

  • Measurement of Noise-like Signals with a Spectrum Analyzer or EMI Receiver Significance of EMI Receiver
  • Specifications for Commercial EMI Compliance Testing
  • Absorber Placement for Achievement of Free-Space Conditions – An Alternative Method for the Improvement of EMI Test Sites
  • EMC Laboratory Accreditation in the US

David Pommerenke

  • EMI Optimal Buck Converter PCB and circuit Design
  • Electrostatic Discharge – It failed! How to find the root cause!
  • System ESD simulation
  • Near field scanning techniques: Immunity, EMI and Resonance analysis

Bruce Archambeault

  • Introduction to Fullwave Modeling and Tools for EMC Design
  • The Ground Myth
  • Decoupling Capacitor Strategy for Effective EMI and PI

Elya B. Joffe

  • Path of Least Inductance
  • Grounding
  • EMC Troubleshooting and Diagnostics
  • Cost of EMC

Jun Fan

  • Power distribution network design for high-speed printed circuit boards
  • Crosstalk among vias
  • Via optimization for signal integrity
  • EMI fundamentals
  • A case study with embedded capacitance

Chris Holloway

  • Overview and Basic of Reverberation Chambers and Their Applications for EM Measurements
  • Introduction, Overview, and Applications of Metamaterials and Metafilms
  • Propagation and Detection of Radio Signals Before, During, and After the Implosion of Large Building Structures

Tzong-Lin Wu

  • Power Integrity Solutions in High-speed PCB and Packages:Decoupling and EBG Isolation
  • Common-mode Noise Suppression Filters Design for above GHz Differential Signals.
  • A Case Study Chip-package SI/PI Co-design for High-speed Memory I/O Circuits

Eric Bogatin

  • The Ten Habits of Highly Successful Board Designers
  • Selecting Capacitor Values for the PDN
  • The Three Most Confusing Topics in Signal Integrity and how not to be confused
  • S-Parameters for SI Applications
  • From Bit Banger to Gigabit Guru

Bob Scully

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility in Space Applications
  • Lightning Protection for Space Vehicles

Professor Joungho Kim

  • Robust EMC Design of System-In-Package
  • Enhanced EMC Design of Integrated Circuits
  • EMC Design of TSV based 3D IC
  • Low EMF design of Wireless Power Transfer Using Magnetic Field Resonance

Additional Speakers:

Vignesh Rajamani –

Ram Achar –

Dale Becker –

Kate Remley

For more information, contact the program chairman:
Ram Achar