TC 3 – Subcommittees

Technical Committee 3 – EMC Environment

TC 3 Subcommittee: EME Survey/Practices

Participants: Chad Kiger (lead), members of TC 3

2022 Status: The P473 PAR has been submitted to the Standards Committee and it is expected to be approved soon.  Once approved, a draft document based on the last version of the IEEE Standard 473 will be sent to interested TC 3 members and others interested in reviewing and commenting on the draft. The lead of this effort is Chad Kiger, so please contact him if you would like to be on the P473 revision committee which functions under the cognizance of TC 3.  All reviews will be done via email with status reports on the activity given at the TC 3 meeting held during the IEEE EMC Symposium (i.e. next symposium will be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2023).

Note: if you want to participate on a subcommittee, please send one of the TC 3 Officers an e-mail and let them know what subcommittee you want to be added to. Other corrections are also appreciated. Thank you.