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For efficient control and use of electric energy, electronics and power electronics are increasingly used within electrical systems. Examples of such technologies are solar and wind power, electric vehicles, variable speed drives and energy efficient luminaries. These technologies are also used in evolving Smart Grid applications. A basic performance of such modern electrical systems is EMC in the area of low frequency conducted disturbances. 

EMCS contribution: 

Based on the above background, importance of low frequency EMC is expected to increase. The committee is focusing on application of fundamental EMC concepts such as emission & immunity, compatibility levels/margins etc. related to low frequency conducted disturbances. 

Objective for the special committee is to increase activity of low frequency EMC within IEEE EMC Society. When appropriate the committee shall make recommendations for standardization. 

The technical committee shall cooperate with the following Special and Technical Committees: 

SC 1 Smart Grid

SC 5 Power Electronics EMI/EMC

TC 2 EMC Measurements

TC 3 Electromagnetic Environment

TC 4 Electromagnetic Interference Control

TC 5 High Power Electromagnetics