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EMC Society Technical Committees – Build Your Expertise and Your Career

No matter where you are in the industry, at some point you will deal with an EMC issue.  Maybe a device is causing interference or maybe it’s vulnerable to radio-frequency fields.  Maybe a device crashes or resets after an electrostatic discharge.  Maybe you’ve been looking for help explaining an EMC problem to your customer or your boss.   All of these things happen. But you can be part of their solution.
The IEEE EMC Society’s Technical Committees (TCs) are where EMC standards, practices, and tools are created.  Covering areas ranging from professional development to nanotechnology, the TCs are the volunteer consensus groups that provide the industry’s reference foundation.  Communicating by email, conference call, or in person at a symposium, these groups give form to technical practices.
Find your place among these forward-looking committees.  Set standards, outline programs, and create the tools that you and your colleagues will need.  Simply check the box next to your TC of interest, enter your name and email address, and submit the form.  You can enter questions about the committees’ work in the Comments & Questions box at the bottom.   A TC member will contact you to answer your questions.
Even if you’ve previously expressed interest or submitted your business cards, check the box for the TC that interests you to be sure the TC chairs know that you want to join the conversation.  Involvement is both technically stimulating and career-enhancing.  Bring your expertise and join your colleagues in shaping the future.