Distinguished Lecturers

The IEEE EMC Society Distinguished Lecturer Program

The Distinguished Lecturer Program is pleased to introduce a new program – The Respected Speaker Bureau.

Announcing the new Video Distinguished Lecturer Program!

The EMC Society’s Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP) provides speakers on various aspects of electromagnetic compatibility for EMC Society chapter meetings and similar functions. While presentations to groups outside of the EMC Society and the IEEE are encouraged, the program is not intended for national or international EMC symposiums, regional conventions, local colloquiums, trade shows, or commercial seminars. Speaking engagement arrangements are made by the benefiting organization directly with the Distinguished Lecturer. Scheduling and minimum audience size are at the discretion of the Lecturer.

Distinguished Lecturer Engagements are Subsidized

Each Distinguished Lecturer may present six subsidized or shared expense talks each year. The EMC Society will reimburse Distinguished Lecturer’s travel expenses for approved speaking engagements up to a recommended limit of $1,500 per engagement, but this is subject to negotiation and program budget constraints. (When travel expenses for any single trip will exceed this amount, the Lecturer must obtain prior approval before making travel arrangements.)

The EMC Society will reimburse current Distinguished Lecturers up to $2,000 for presentations to EMC Chapters located outside the DL’s home continent. Since budget constraints permit few of these trips per year, each trip must be approved in advance by the Distinguished Lecturer Program chairman and the Society’s Director of Member Services.

The VP for Member Services may approve an increased funding for Intra-Region, international DL travel (or in other special cases, not covered by the current DL Travel Policy), not to exceed a total of US $2,000 per engagement. Requests for increased funding shall be provided by the DL including due justification and the recommendation of the DL committee chair. Requests for increased funding must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the said engagement. The approval of the VP for Member Services must be obtained prior to finalizing lecture arrangements. The VP for Member Services shall report to the BoG and Officers at Large in any such case no later than the following BoG and Officers at Large meeting.

Sharing of expenses between the benefiting organization and the EMC Society is encouraged. For example, the benefiting organization could provide local transportation for the Lecturer, provide meals, etc. Benefiting organizations will please give credit to the “Electromagnetic Compatibility Society, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers” in their newsletter or other announcements.

Scheduling a Distinguished Lecturer

  1. Review lecturer list below, then contact lecturer directly to arrange for the engagement:
    • Date, time, and location of the engagement
    • Name and affiliation of benefiting organization
    • Estimated audience size and type (engineers? students?)
    • Topic lecturer will present
    • Discuss what logistical needs can be provided by the benefiting organization (e.g., ground transportation, meals, handout copying, video display projector, other shared expenses, etc.)
    • Principal benefiting organization contact.
  2. Include summary of talk to be presented and lecturer’s bio in the benefiting organization’s newsletter or meeting announcement.

Selection of Distinguished Lecturers

The program consists of at least four Distinguished Lecturers, selected by the Program Chairman from written nominations or application from EMC Society members, and approved by the EMC Society Board of Governors and Officers at Large. The term for each Distinguished Lecturer is two years. Currently all terms start and end at the turn of a calendar year. Selection is based on (1) professional competence and recognition of EMC expertise, (2) communication and presentation skills, (3) EMC topics, (4) contribution to a balanced program, and (5) recommendation of EMC Society members. Membership in the EMC Society’s Distinguished Lecturer program shall not be used in the advertising of products or [consulting] services, nor for any non-approved presentations such as product or training seminars or trade shows. Distinguished Lecturers may not, as part of any DLP presentation, advertise, market, or offer for sale, any commercial product or service.

For any DL related queries or DL travel approvals, contact the current DL Program Chair:

Prof. Ram Achar
Email: achar@doe.carleton.ca
Address: Dept of Electronics, Carleton University
5170ME, 1125 Colonel By Drive,
Ottawa, ON – K1S5B6, Canada