4th Quarter 2023
(Volume 12, Issue 4)

IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Magazine is now available on IEEE Xplore

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News!  Coming Soon!

We are in the process of adding ScholarOne for paper submittals to the IEEE EMC Magazine.  Submittals for the EMC Magazine will soon be handled as they are for all our EMC Society publications, including the Transactions on EMC, and the Letters on EMC Practice and Applications.
“With the ease of the new paper submission process, I look forward to receiving many interesting papers from the EMC community.”
– Kye Yak See, Managing Editor, IEEE EMC Magazine

The Scope of the EMC Magazine is to inform readers of activities in the IEEE EMC Society and educate members via practical technical papers and design tips. We publish four issues each year; you can find links to past issues below.
In general, authors are attracted to submitting papers to the IEEE EMC Magazine if they feel that their work best appeals to general readership. Data such as Impact Factor, DOI Number, and/or number of Citations is NOT the main goal of the author when submitting a paper to the EMC Magazine. However, since EMC Magazine papers are included on Xplore, they can be referenced, and frequently are by our readers.

Did You Know?

ALL content in the EMC Magazine is available on IEEE Xplore.

Our current editorial board represents Academia (55%), Industry (45%), and Government (9%) and all regions of the IEEE, except Region 7 (Canada) – for now!  We will add an Associate Editor from Canada soon.

The number of downloads of the content in the EMC Magazine increased from 2,291 in 2015 to 32,055 in 2019.

The EMC Magazine ranks 179 of the 375 periodicals published by the IEEE

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