SC 1 – Smart Grid Support and EMC Issues

Special Committee 1 – Smart Grid Support and EMC Issues

There is a major thrust in the world to make more efficient use of the power in the electric power grid. This will require control of power entering the house and ultimately that being used by appliances and large power loads within the home. If there are generating or storage devices at the house, there is the opportunity to provide excess power into the power grid. This system is referred to as “Smart Grid”.

Device controllers (e.g., power meters) may be located on the outside of the house at the point of power entry or may be built directly into the larger devices. These controllers will exist in the RF ambient environment both outside and inside the home. Also, these controllers may be sources of RF emissions to the nearby RF environment either directly or by pickup and insertion into the external connected power line.

This presents a case for the need for EMC for Smart Grid applications.

This special committee is concerned with coordinating EMC Society activity on providing EMC principles for those organizations and associated documentation and specifications that address the efficient use of the AC power grid including the control of power entering a house or building.

It is expected that the coordination aspect of this special committee will involve several EMCS Technical Committees including:

TC 2 – EMC Measurements 
TC 3 – EM Environments 
TC 4 – EMC Design
TC 5 – High Power EM
TC 7 – Low Frequency EMC 
TC 9 – Computational EM
TC 10 – (Signal Integrity and Power Integrity)
TC 12 – (EMC for Emerging Wireless Technologies)
Standards Development and Education Committee (SDECcom)

Interested in joining?

If you are an IEEE EMC Society member and would like to join this special committee, please contact one of the committee SC 1 officers with your name and IEEE membership number. The committee primarily will communicate electronically and using teleconferencing.  It will also meet face to face as needed and at the annual IEEE EMC Symposium.

Have ideas?

If you are not an IEEE member but have a comment or suggestion, we would like to hear from you. Please contact an appropriate committee officer with your ideas.