Haislmaier Angel Fund

Bob Haislmaier Angel Fund

Purpose – The Bob Haislmaier Angel Fund is intended to allow chapters to host programs for their members that they would otherwise have difficulty in funding. Activities intended to be funded by other means (e.g., Distinguished Lecturer Program or participation fees) are not eligible for Angel Fund financing. However participation fees may offset other costs in a program, such as food, when the speaker is an invited guest.

Maximum Amount – The maximum financial support is USD $600 per year.

Frequency of Use – Each Chapter may submit multiple requests per year to receive funding from the Bob Haislmaier Angel Fund, as long as the total sum received does not exceed USD $600.

Combination of Activities – Chapters may not combine activities for the purpose of obtaining the $600 and each request shall be submitted, justified and considered separately.

Funding Process – Requests for support from an EMCS Chapter program should be submitted by the Chapter Chairperson to the Chapter Angel for approval using the Bob Haislmaier Angel Fund Request Form.

Sufficient information should be provided to the Angel to allow the Angel to evaluate the request. Upon approval of the planned event, the Angel will forward the request to the Society Treasurer with a copy to the VP for Member Services for final approval of the funding. Upon both approvals, the EMCS Treasurer will have IEEE headquarters issue a check or bank transfer for the approved amount to the chapter. The Chapter shall have an authorized bank account to receive funds. No check shall be made payable to an individual.