Welcome to the world of EMC Standards!

Our big upcoming event is the 2023 EMC+SIPI Symposium in Grand Rapids, MI, July 31 – August 4. As part of “Standards Week” we’ll be holding a number of meetings both for individual standards Working Groups and for the committees dedicated to taking a broader view of standards activities world wide. All the meeting information can be found on pages 140-141 of the conference Final Program. All the meetings will be hybrid and they are open to all–no need for a conference registration or even an IEEE membership. For conference attendees there will also be in depth technical sessions presenting information on standards in the realm of the Automotive industry, in the ANSI context, and a broad look around the globe. We hope you’ll join us as we push forward the standards that are so necessary to all of us as we move our projects forward into new areas.

Standards Advisory & Coordination Committee (SACCom) – Henry Benitez – Chair

The IEEE EMC Society Standards Advisory and Coordination Committee is responsible for providing technical liaison between the IEEE EMC Society Standards Development Committee and various non-IEEE entities involved with EMC standards activities around the world

Standards Development & Education Committee (SDECom) – Alistair Duffy – Chair

The IEEE EMC Society Standards Development & Education Committee is responsible for guiding the development of IEEE EMC Standards, the training of those involved in the standards making process and the education of the EMC Society community on all aspects of EMC Standards. The IEEE EMC Society is the primary international developer of fundamental test, measurement and verification standards for EMC.