TC 5 – Meetings

Technical Committee 5 – High Power Electromagnetics

Upcoming TC 5 Meeting(s)

Annual meetings are held at the Summer IEEE EMC Symposium

TC 5 Meetings and Documents

2023 IEEE EMC Symposium, Grand Rapids, MichiganUnconfirmed Minutes
2022 IEEE EMC Symposium, Spokane, WashingtonMinutes
2021 IEEE EMC Virtual Symposium, Glasgow, Scotland On-line
Bundeswehr Research Institute for Protective Technologies and NBC Protection (WIS) Presentation
2020 IEEE EMC Virtual Symposium, Reno, Nevada On-lineMinutes
2019 IEEE EMC Symposium, New Orleans, LouisianaMinutes
2018 IEEE EMC Symposium, Long Beach, CaliforniaMinutes
2018 Reports of the U.S. Congressional EMP Commission
2018 IEEE EMC International Symposium, SingaporeMinutes
2017 IEEE EMC Symposium, Washington DCMinutes
2016 IEEE EMC International Symposium, Ottawa, Ontario, CanadaMinutes