IEEE EMC Society Hall of Fame Award

IEEE EMC Society Hall of Fame Award

This Hall of Fame Award is intended to recognize current and past members of the IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Society for significant accomplishments of a historical and/or enduring nature on behalf of the EMC Society over an extended period of time. The contributions could be in the technical area, administrative area, or a combination of both areas.

A plaque honoring the recipient with appropriate written tribute highlighting the recipient’s accomplishments. The awardee will have their picture and a short biography placed on the EMCS Virtual Hall of Fame on the EMC Society’s web page.


The EMC Society Hall of Fame Award recipients must have a record of significant achievements, (founders of the EMC society, presidents of the EMC society, chairpersons of international symposiums, officers and members of the EMCS board, founders of EMC chapters, chairman of EMC Chapters, significant technical contributions including papers for the Transactions and EMC Symposiums and combinations of those accomplishments), over an extended period of time (typically twenty years). The Awardees may be current members of the IEEE and the EMC Society or they may have retired from the IEEE and the EMC Society. Members of the EMCS Board and the Awards Committee will be ineligible for the award while they are actively serving on the board or the Awards Committee.

There are no prerequisites for winning the award but a person can only be selected for the Hall of Fame once. The intention of the award is to honor deserving individuals at (or near) the end of their careers for a life-time of outstanding service to the EMCS. The award may be given posthumously but it is intended to given to the person while they are still living. The number of people honored every year could range from zero to ten with the final number being recommended by the Task Force.

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