The EMC Society is made up of many different committees to accomodate the diverse interests of our membership.

There are Technical Committees and Special Committees of the IEEE EMC Society. These committees provide technical guidance to the Board of Governors and the general membership. Each of the technical committees provides expertise in a particular technical area. Responsibilities of the technical committees include:
Volunteers to serve on the technical committees are always appreciated. Members must be able to attend meetings held once a year in conjunction with the annual symposium. Application for membership in a technical committee must be made in writing (email is ok) to the chairman of the technical committee.
IEEE EMC Society Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) The IEEE EMC Society Technical Advisory Committee is composed of the TAC chair and the chairs of each of the Technical and Special Committees.

Standards Advisory & Coordination Committee (SACCom) The IEEE EMC Society Standards Advisory and Coordination Committee is responsible for providing technical liaison between the IEEE EMC Society Standards Development Committee and various non-IEEE entities involved with EMC standards activities… Click here to read more.

Standards Development & Education Committee (SDECom) The IEEE EMC Society Standards Development & Education Committee is responsible for guiding the development of IEEE EMC Standards, the training of those involved in the standards making process and the education of the EMC Society community on all aspects of EMC Standards. The IEEE EMC Society is the primary international developer of fundamental test, measurement and verification standards for EMC. 

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