Completed Career Committee – Officers

Completed Career Committee – Officers

Completed Career Committee Officers & Members

Officers & Members
ChairA Duffy

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If you are not an IEEE member but have a comment or suggestion, we would like to hear from you. Please contact an appropriate SC 5 committee officer with your idea.

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Completed Career Committee

Completed Career Committee

Honor the memory of members that are no longer with us.

1.  Source of names of those that passed away 

  1. Chapter chairmen if the person was a member
  2. Newsletter as a general announcement
  3. Colleagues of the deceased
  4. At chapter retreats at the symposium 

General Criteria for nomination:

  • Long time support of the EMC chapter or EMC Society
  • Technical work such as papers for the Transactions/symposia
  • Officer/leader in EMC activity including local chapter
  • Recognized as expert in a field of EMC
  • Special consideration not covered above such as a notable EMC event.

2.  Getting the short biographies and photos from: 

  1. Contacting Chapter chairmen
  2. Calling relative/spouse
  3. Requests entered in Newsletter
  4. Contacting Individuals/colleagues who knew deceased 

3.  How to get details of person

  1. Template to fill out on the web site being considered
  2. Followup with those that notified CCC

4.  What is done with information 

  1. Used for input to the Awards Committee for the president’s memorial award
  2. Preparing the bio and Newsletter citing
  3. Preparing the posters for the annual awards luncheon including the program
  4. Read as part of the “moment of silence” at the awards luncheon

5.  What is done to conclude the recognition? 

  1. Letter of condolence from EMCS president is sent to next of kin.  (note that there will be occasions where there is no spouse or next of kin and hence this will not happen)
  2. Copy of letter to the Newsletter editor
  3. File the names in a record with their names as the file name. Post on the EMCS web site for those who might want to see the bio and photo (there will be persons not part of the EMCS community that want to look)

Honor the memory of members that are no longer with us.