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University Grant Program

Application Deadline: Nov. 1, 2013

Because of the current and future dramatic increases in high-speed digital circuits and high-frequency wireless products, interference in and between those systems is a rapidly growing concern in industry. Future Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) graduates are increasingly required to be knowledgeable of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) issues and design methodologies in the workplace. It is estimated that over 40 ECE curricula in universities throughout the world have already instituted an EMC course. However, the need for students trained in the fundamentals of EMC far exceeds the number of available graduates.

The Electromagnetic Compatibility Society (EMCS) of the IEEE annually searches for a University or College to assist in adding EMC to their curriculum. We are looking for a University or College that does not now include EMC in their offering, but that has an interest in doing so. The objective of this program is to expose the maximum number of students to the study of the basics of EMC.

This one time grant will be offered to a faculty member of an accredited Electrical Engineering department to promote the addition of a basic EMC class to an undergraduate/graduate ECE curriculum. The successful proposer will possess most of the resources needed to successfully implement such a course, but may fall short of what is needed to put together a complete class. The purpose of the grant is to provide the additional resources that will allow the proposer to start a basic EMC course and offer it on a continuing basis. The grant is not meant to support specialized or narrow courses, or provide support for a research program. Rather, it is meant to support the teaching of the fundamentals of EMC to students who will then be able to apply those concepts in their follow on courses and in the work place.

Previous Recipients

For additional information, see the 2013 Call for Proposals.