Position Description - Treasurer

General Summary: The Treasurer oversees the EMC Society's financial transactions, and prepares the annual budget. The Treasurer shall act as liaison with IEEE Headquarters on all financial records of the Society.

Travel Commitment:

  • EMCS Board meetings (3-4 per year)
  • Meetings at IEEE Headquarters (1 - 3 per year)

Essential Responsibilities:

  1. The Treasurer shall approve payment of authorized expenses of officers or members of the Society; certify bills to be paid by IEEE Headquarters direct to suppliers; make a report at each Society business meeting covering the current financial status of the Society; and, formulate the Society's annual budget in accordance with the rules and timetables furnished by IEEE HQ. The latter duty requires notifying the EMC Finance Committee (FinCom) of upcoming budget deadlines, furnishing information on the current year's budget to be used in formulating the next year's budget, and then preparing the next year's budget based on guidance from the FinCom.
  2. Perform other financial duties as may be assigned by the President or FinCom Chair.
  3. Attend TAB Finance Workshop meetings at IEEE Headquarters.
  4. Prepare financial reports for the EMC Society BOD and Newsletter.
  5. Transfer to his/her successor all current financial documents and computer materials at the end of term of office.