Position Description - President

General Summary: The President manages Society affairs as directed by the Board of Directors of the Society and in accordance with powers and duties as defined in the Constitution and Bylaws. The President is responsible for the protection of Society interests, and represents these interests before all IEEE boards and other IEEE bodies.

Travel Commitment:

  • EMCS Board Meetings (3-4 per year)
  • TAB Meetings (4 per year)
  • Travel to co-sponsored conferences or events

Essential Responsibilities:

  1. Appoint chairs of standing and ad hoc committees, and EMC Society representatives to other IEEE bodies, as required, with the advice and consent of the BOD.
  2. Prepare agenda (jointly with Secretary), and preside over at least two regular and any special BOD meetings during the calendar year. There are normally three or four BOD meetings per year.
  3. Represent the EMC Society in communications and meetings with IEEE TAB, RAB and the Division IV Director, as well as with Presidents of other Societies.
  4. Preside during opening ceremony and awards banquet at the EMC Society International Symposium.
  5. Write President's column for each edition of the EMC Society Newsletter.
  6. Request Secretary to deliver roster of Society officers and committee memberships to IEEE Headquarters at beginning of term.
  7. Attend Division IV meetings as required.
  8. Attend Society/Council President's Forum, usually during the TAB meetings.
  9. Encourage and approve formation of new chapters.
  10. Write supporting letters on behalf of Society volunteers as requested.
  11. Represent EMC Society in communications with external entities.