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EMC Experiments and Demonstrations

To further its mission of Electromagnetic Comptibility (EMC) education and training, the EMCS Education Committee has sponsors many activities and resources.  Among these activities is a collection of EMC experiments and demonstrations that can be carried out by those interested in learning about the fundamentals of EMC as well as live EMC demonstrations at the annual EMC symposia.

The experiments and demonstrations listed here are meant primarily to illustrate the fundamental concepts of EMC.  Thus, they are not meant to illustrate a specific design to address a specific problem.  Rather, they are meant to help gain a concrete or physical appreciation of the concepts that underlie good EMC design principles so that you can assess or troubleshoot EMI issues by applying the knowledge of fundamental EMC concepts. 

To help those that are new to EMC, we have classified our experiments and demonstrations as basic, intermediate or advanced, depending upon the complexity or depth of the concepts we are attempting to illustrate.  Finally, for those very new to this field, we will provide a basic introduction to the key pieces of equipment required to carry out the experiments. 

On this page you will find links to many of these experiments, demonstrations and related material, as well as a link to the Resource Center, where there are additional EMC resources.

EMC Instrumentation

While the instrumentation to conduct professional EMC troubleshooting and testing can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars, many of the basic concepts of EMC can be learned with much less expensive equipment, and many of the items required to conduct these experiments can be found around most homes or made inexpensively.  To assist the beginner, we have provided a short introduction to some of the key items required to conduct these experiments.



Spectrum Analyzers


Near-Field Probes

EMC Experiments


IEEE EMC Resource Center

Here you’ll find content from past Symposia as well as select Webinars, Tutorials, Experiments, Demos, Manuals, and Case Studies While some of the material requires a small fee for those not a member of the IEEE EMC Society, much of the material is free for all interested parties.