EMC Society Newsletter Review –
50–25–10 Years Ago

January – 1960 – Number 8 – Institute of Radio Engineers
(IRE) Professional Group on Radio
Frequency Interference (RFI) Newsletter

Cover story was titled “Excerpts from Meeting of Administrative Committee – IRE Professional Group on RFI – Park Sheraton Hotel, New York City, June 15, 1959.” The meeting was chaired by Harold Schwenk and most of the meeting was involved with the reports of 10 different committees. The Treasurer, Robert W. Fairweather, reported a Net Balance of $3,018.46 for the Professional Group on RFI.
     Stoddart Aircraft Radio Company, Inc. announced a new antenna, a 91280-1 Discone Antenna. The new antenna, in conjunction with the Stoddart NM-30A receiver, was suitable for making broadband interference measurements within the frequency range of “40 to 400 megacycles.”

March – 1960 - Number 9 – Institute of Radio Engineers

(IRE) Professional Group on Radio
Frequency Interference (RFI) Newsletter

The cover story of this Newsletter, the second one published in the first three months of 1960, was a request to the Professional Group on RFI from the International Radio Consultative Committee (C.C.I.R.) for help on the subject “Identification of Sources of Interference to Radio Reception.”
     The inside pages of the Newsletter contained an excerpt from a two-page article in Electronics by G.W. Soderquist, Manager, Special Engineering, RCA Service Company, Patrick Air Force Base, Florida on “constant monitoring of the radio spectrum to keep alien signals from spoiling missile tests.”
     The Editor of the 1960s Newsletter was Rexford Daniels from Concord, Massachusetts.

25 Years Ago – IEEE Electromagnetic
Compatibility Society Newsletter –
Issue No. 124 – Winter 1985

Aaron Humphrey Sullivan, Jr. was memorialized on the front cover of this issue of the Newsletter. He was a founding member of the Washington Chapter of the EMC Society and was an officer from 1959–1963. He also served on the Board of Directors for the EMC Society from 1964–1969 and from 1973–1975. He was President of the EMC Society in 1966 and 1967. He was also the first editor of the PGRFI (now EMC) Transactions from 1962–1968. He chaired the 1983 Symposium, the 25th year celebration Symposium, which was held in Washington, DC and was warmly referred to as the “Silver Anniversary Symposium.” He was the recipient of numerous professional accolades and EMC Society awards.
     The Newsletter also announced the first meeting of the Board of Directors outside the USA. The meeting was held in Tokyo on Monday, October 15 (1984); the day before the start of the 1984 IEEE International Symposium on EMC (the first EMC Symposium of the IEEE held outside the USA).
     Israel and Ottawa (Canada) chapters were added to the list of non-US chapters in the EMC Society; joining Tokyo (Japan). There was a short report on the Seventh International Wroclaw Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility. The EMC Personality Profile was Chester (Chet) L. Smith; a long-time member of the AIEE, the IRE, and the IEEE.
     The editor of the Newsletter was Robert D. Goldblum.

10-Years Ago – IEEE EMC Society Newsletter –
Issue No. 184 – Winter–2000

The cover story was the President’s Message from the newly elected President of the EMC Society, Joseph (Joe) Butler. Newly elected Board members included Jose Perini, Moto Kanda, Fred Heather, Larry Cohen, Andy Drozd, and Andrew Podgorski.
     Lee Hill was the Distinguished Lecturer program chair and he announced two new speakers for the program: Doug Smith and Werner Schaefer.
     Don Heirman was presented with a prestigious award from the EMC Society “in appreciation of 17 years of International Leadership to the IEEE EMC Society Standards Committee.”
     Colin Brench wrote an article, on behalf of Technical Committee #9 (TC-9) – Computational EMC, titled “An Overview of EMC Modeling.”
     The Personality Profile was Mark Montrose; the Associate Editor for Personality Profile was Bill Duff.
     The Newsletter Editor was Janet O’Neil.                                                                                                                                             EMC

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