Takeo Yoshino – Award Winner

Takeo Yoshino is shown wearing the award he received at the Royal Palace on November 9, 2009.
Dr. and Mrs. Yoshino are shown
in a formal portrait taken to
commemorate the distinguished award he received for his scientific services.

Our long-time EMC Society Board of Directors member from Japan has won a distinguished award from the Government of Japan. Takeo Yoshino was awarded “The Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold Ray with Neck Ribbon” last November by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology.

     The announcement of the honor for Takeo Yoshino occurred on November 3rd. The actual awarding of the formal “Treasure Award” was on 9 November 2009, the National Fete Day of Culture. It included an audience with the Emperor of Japan at the Royal Palace. The Emperor congratulated Yoshino-san on his award and thanked him for his scientific services which have contributed to the development of the nation.
     Takeo said “it was a great honor; one of the highpoints of his life.” Takeo also expressed his appreciation to all his associates for their help on his science research. Specifically, he stated in a written communication that “he would like to offer his sincere thanks to all the members of the IEEE EMC Society Board of Directors for their great help and words of encouragement.”
     Takeo has won two significant awards in 2009 and 2008; the Japanese Government award (The Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold Ray with Neck Ribbon) in 2009 and the EMC Society’s Award for Service to the Society (Laurence G. Cumming Award for Outstanding Service) in 2008.
     The entire EMC Society is proud of his accomplishments and we add our congratulations to Takeo Yoshino for receiving his well-deserved awards the past two years.

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