Fall 2009 Newsletter Photo Quiz Answers

In our last issue dated Fall 2009, you may have noticed the interesting photos on page 107. Given that Austin, Texas is the “Live Music Capital of the World”, EMC Society member and musician Jeff Silberberg felt right at home! Turns out Jeff has quite a collection of musical instruments, some of which he brought to Austin and played in the exhibit hall at the EMC 2009 Symposium! The Fall 2009 Issue showed two photos – one of Jeff with all of his instruments, and one of Jeff with some of his instruments missing plus a few other subtle changes. The top photo below is the original photo; the bottom photo below shows the items that were changed from the original photo. Did you catch all 11 changes? Please review the key below to learn more about the missing items!







Key to Eleven Changes
1) Turn over a new leaf
2) 88 straight
3) Lights out
4) No name
5) Shake it
6) New axe
7) New sax
8) Re-keyed
9) Kazoo skidoo
10) Fiddle dee dee
11) De-captioned


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