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Do you ever wonder who within the IEEE EMC Society is involved in the control of electromagnetic interference (EMI)? Who is involved in the development of standards that describe test methods for filters, shielding materials, and other technologies that reduce the likelihood of emissions causing an EMI problem? The answer is Technical Committee No. 4 (TC-4) on EMI Control Technology.
TC-4 is concerned with the fundamentals of transmission/propagation media and interference control technology, together with associated design, analysis, and techniques useful for the identification, characterization, control and mitigation of electromagnetic interference at the system, subsystem and unit levels.
The purview of this technical committee includes:
• Low impedance bonding of equipment and subsystems,
• Enclosure and cable shielding, and
• Filtering and grounding of signal and power distribution systems, equipment and subsystems.
The membership of TC-4 is historical and dates back many years. Members of the TC-4 group have the opportunity to get to know and converse with industry experts involved in the control of EMI. As a member of TC-4, you will get to know experts in the EMI control industry from many facets of the EMC industry. Participation in TC-4 includes the opportunity to review papers and work on industry-cutting standards. Present TC-4 members are also encouraged to help develop future TC-4 membership by contacting their alma maters for EMC students finishing up their education, and co-workers who might have an interest in working with the IEEE EMC Society.
TC-4 is looking to expand it membership to meet the next generation technology issues and solutions such as nanotechnology, microelectronics, PCB design, and medical electronics, to mention just a few areas.
TC-4 is also announcing a call for membership and participation for a new working group, for a possible new standard for test methods for active power line filters.
FOR MORE INFORMATION: If you wish to become a member of TC-4, please contact Kermit Phipps at or Philip Keebler at, or attend a TC-4 meeting at the next IEEE EMC Symposium in Austin, Texas (


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