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Workshop on ANSI C63.19: A Standard Goes to the Laboratory!

On 12 December 2003, the US EMC Standards Corporation, in association with ANSI ASC C63, held its second workshop on ANSI C63.19 that provides the test procedure for measuring EMC between hearing aids and cellular telephones. Eighteen attended the workshop held in a laboratory environment provided by ETS-Lindgren at their Cedar Park facility. The attendees represented cellular phone manufacturers, wireless service providers, university researchers, and independent testing organizations.
This workshop was focused on witnessing the actual test procedures as well as a review of the test standard. Stephen Berger (TEM Consulting), Don Heirman (Don HEIRMAN Consultants) and Mike Sacha (Starkey Labs) were the instructors. They addressed not only the present C63.19 but also proposed changes that will be balloted in ANSI ASC C63 in 2004 and how they will be implemented during the laboratory testing time that afternoon. The added importance of this workshop was that the ATIS (Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions) and their Incubator Solutions Program for Hearing Aids required those who will be participating in their cellular phone testing program to have a representative at the workshop to ensure that they witness the nuances of the test protocol.
Based on the end of the workshop questionnaire, the attendees felt that the workshop met their expectations and that they had a greater appreciation of the standard. Various photos were taken of the day’s events. Be sure to check them out at the end of this article.

ETS-Lindgren’s Dr. Michael Foegelle (left) views the hearing aid immunity test with Mike Sacha of Starkey Labs during an ANSI C63.19 workshop in Cedar Park, Texas. Steve Julstrom of Etymotic Research looks on in the background.

Jim Turner of ATIS (center) and Don Heirman of Don HEIRMAN Consultants (right) discuss the C63.19 workshop testing details with a workshop attendee.

C63.19 workshop attendees meet in the test laboratory at ETS-Lindgren in Cedar Park, Texas to not only hear about the standard, but to also witness how it is to be used on hearing aids and cellular phones.

Stephen Berger of TEM Consulting, one of the instructors of the C63.19 workshop, explains how cellular phone testing is performed to the class. Visuals showing the test procedure were projected throughout the day.

Students take notes as they witness the test fixture used to measure the emissions from cellular phones during the laboratory portion of the C63.19 workshop.

Mike Sacha of Starkey Labs (left) discusses the test setup for hearing aid immunity with ETS-Lindgren’s Glen Watkins who was the local host of the workshop.


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