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The Seattle EMC Chapter organizing committee for “The Bruce Lee Show” celebrates after the conclusion of the successful one-day tutorial and exhibition. Shown from left are speaker Lee Hill, Chapter Chair Pat Andre, speaker Bruce Archambeault, Chapter Vice-Chair Janet O’Neil, and Registration Chair Len Carlson.


I’m writing this letter on the way home from attending the SE Michigan EMC Chapter’s “2004 Automotive EMC Conference.” Over 175 people were present to hear updates on SAE and International automotive EMC Standards. Speakers included EMC engineers from the “Big Three” car companies, including General Motors, Ford, and DaimlerChrysler. Not all speakers present were from companies in the greater Detroit area, however. Speakers such as Jim Polonis of Southwest Research Institute based in San Antonio, Texas; James Rader of Harley Davidson in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Russ Carstensen represented NARTE based in Medway, Massachusetts; and former EMCS President Dan Hoolihan journeyed from the colder climes of Minnesota to visit fair Michigan. With temperatures in the low 20s, Mr. Hoolihan noted that this was indeed warmer than Minnesota, which had been experiencing below zero weather! Held at the Ford Conference and Event Center in Dearborn, the facility was spectacular and surprisingly cost-effective compared to hotel venues. Congratulations to Kimball Williams of Underwriters Laboratories and his organizing committee for a well run, two-day conference. Chapter Chair Scott Lytle of Yazaki North America was extremely pleased with the success of this event, and didn’t seem to mind handling the greater than expected registrations.
This SE Michigan EMC Chapter conference was the second big EMC Chapter event I have attended in 2004. The first was organized by the Seattle EMC Chapter. Over 125 people attended their one-day tutorial and exhibition with speakers Bruce Archambeault of IBM and Lee Hill of Silent Solutions. The topic was “EMC Design Concepts and Applications for the Real World.” This too was a great event and much appreciated by the attendees from companies such as Boeing, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Intel, and Tektronix. Many were heard to say they learned things they could use on the job – the very next day! I’m sure you will read about these two excellent conferences in the Chapter Chatter column of the next Newsletter.
Why am I writing about these events? They were both upbeat, with a good “buzz” and enthusiastic attendees. Those in Seattle and SE Michigan were extremely excited about EMC challenges and opportunities this year. People were discussing company budgets available for improving their EMC capabilities, whether it be purchasing new test equipment, test chambers, consulting services, or enhancing existing laboratory environments. Engineers were eager to streamline testing methods and implement cost effective design techniques. There was energy in the conference rooms that was very infectious.
I would say we are off to an excellent start in 2004! The economy must be improving! At least in these parts of the world! There are many upcoming EMC conferences and symposia around the world in 2004. Many are listed in the Calendar Section of this Newsletter (see page 77). Check them out and consider attending. Let’s see if the “buzz” is starting in other parts of the world! EMC

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