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Newsletter Editor Janet O’Neil visited with EMC Society Board of Directors member Bruce Archambeault on May 31 following the Board meeting held in Salt Lake City.


Welcome to the Summer 2008 issue of the EMC Society Newsletter!
Summer means many things to many people – warm weather, outdoor sporting games, barbecues, pool and beach activity, camping, vacation, enjoying time with family before sending children back to school, a break for professors to catch up on all the work delayed during an overloaded school year - to name just a few popular activities. For many of us in the EMC Society, summer also means a trip to the annual IEEE International Symposium on EMC. By the time you read this issue, this year’s symposium will have come and gone and we’ll have just a few days of summer left to savor. But, those of us who were fortunate enough to have attended this premier global gathering of EMC professionals will return rejuvenated and ready to tackle EMC challenges with a new perspective.
Speaking of new, we have a few new contributions to this issue that you’ll want to read more about.
First is the new “Completed Careers” section of the Newsletter brought to you by our newest Associate Editor, Bob Davis. Bob’s first article is on page 8. The intent with this article is to honor members of the EMC Society who have recently passed away, thus “completing” their careers.
I often hear from members that one of the things they most appreciate about being in EMC and a member of the EMC Society is that is it a very close-knit community, almost like family. “Everyone knows each other in the EMC community” is often heard at our various meetings and annual symposia.
As such, when valued members pass away, word circulates quickly among our membership via e-mail, phone calls, and the like. How do we honor these members and let their families know how much their contributions to the EMC Society have been appreciated over the years?
Bob’s article lets you know how we will honor these members and how you can help.
Also new in this issue is the EMC Abstracts, otherwise known as the EMCABS, where readers can now have access to the complete papers for the abstracts shown. If you read an abstract in this issue and wish to view the complete paper, go on line to the EMC Society website, www.emcs.org, and click on the Summer 2008 issue, then click on EMCABS. You’ll see a highlighted EMCABS number, click on this to see the full paper for that abstract. This is a new feature we’re adding to the EMCABS on line version starting with the Summer 2008 issue. Many thanks to Dan Hoolihan for suggesting this new feature for the Newsletter and to Associate Editor Osamu Fujiwara for implementing this suggestion, thereby enhancing the EMCABS section of the Newsletter for our readers.
We also have a new contributor to the Newsletter in Mike Violette of Washington Labs. Mike’s educational and entertaining story on a visit to the home of the late Leonard Thomas, the fifth Secretary of the EMC Society, takes us a step back in time and makes us appreciate the early days of EMC when so much was considered “black magic.” How far we have come, yet how much we stay the same!
Incidentally, Mike also contributed to the Chapter Chatter section on behalf of the newly revitalized Philadelphia Chapter. On page 16 you’ll find another humorous reading gem from Mike. Many thanks to him for adding such character to the Summer issue of the Newsletter.
While on the topic of history, you won’t want to miss the article by Elya Joffe on the Wroclaw EMC Symposium. Starting on page 23, Elya reviews the significance of this symposium first held in 1972, during the famous “cold war” era. It’s remarkable how this symposium bridged the east and west on a common engineering topic, electromagnetics. Read about the future of this legendary symposium and its evolution in adapting to a common European EMC community. Many thanks to Elya and to Professors Struzak and Moron for sharing the history of the origins of the Wroclaw EMC Symposium.
I hope you all had a wonderful summer and enjoy reading this issue! EMC

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