Year 2006 EMC Society Post-audit

IEEE’s 2006 post-audit financial report indicates that EMC’s 2006 operations yielded a net surplus of $416,200. The major factors contributing to that surplus were the investment return and the 2006 Conference surplus. The Society’s 12 year financial history is reflected in the surplus/deficit bar graph below.
EMC’s 2006 gross revenue was $1,408,600. Of that total, Periodical subscriptions & author charges income was $365,500; Newsletter ads provided $92,300; Conference gross income was $701,200; revenue from Member fees was $83,500 and Market Fluctuation was a positive $166,100. The 2006 income pie chart below reflects the percentage, of the total, for each revenue category. The Society’s 2006 expenses were $992,400. Of that total, Periodical production and distribution costs were $147,100; the Newsletter cost $147,400 to print and distribute; Conference expenses were $290,800; Society committee expenses were $204,200; and IEEE administrative/infrastructure support costs were $202,900. The 2006 expense pie chart below indicates the percentage of the total expenses for those cost categories. EMC



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