Recent Memories of Mike Hart

I got to know Mike better in the last few years when I helped to establish ElectroMagnetic Investigations, a new 3rd party EMC test laboratory. We decided to purchase Mike Hart’s “Tile” EMC test software. He sent me a list of hundreds of clients! It was a great choice for a start-up lab. It was the most flexible software for controlling many different equipment setups that we could find. The biggest positive about the software was Mike’s personal support, day or night. Even when Mike was overseas on business he would answer calls in the middle of the night!
I’d like to let people know of a recent incident that conveys the true kindness of Michael J. Hart. Mike was an exhibitor at the 2006 IEEE International Symposium on EMC in Portland, Oregon, just as he was in Hawaii this year. Mike contacted me about whether our lab could use some LCD displays. Rather than spend the money to ship them back to Texas, he was willing to let me take them. Of course I knew this to be a good deal and accepted his offer. I got busy with my Symposium Chair duties and forgot all about this by the time the exhibition hall had closed. I found out later that Mike had sought out my son and left the LCD displays with him.
I will always remember Michael Hart as someone that exemplified true passion for what he was doing, who showed compassion for those that did not have the immediate means, and as truly kind person whose family was a top priority. EMC

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