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Janet O’Neil, Newsletter Editor (second from left), at the welcome reception in Hannover, Germany, with (from left) local host Heyno Garbe of the University of Hannover, Dave Staggs, EMC Board member, Peter Pirsch, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Hannover, and Francesca Maradei of the University of Rome, “La Sapienza.” The EMC Board of Directors met in Hannover, Germany at the invitation of the German EMC Chapter.


Summer 2006: Thank You Readers - Building Bridges - Memories
Many thanks to our readers who have sent in compliments on the Newsletter as well as suggestions for new articles.
Your comments are always appreciated and help maintain the quality and relevance of the Newsletter for those in the EMC community.
In this issue, we are pleased to announce a new regular column entitled “Design Tips.” Bruce Archambeault, a regular contributor to the Practical Papers section of the Newsletter and a member of the EMC Society Board of Directors, is our newest Associate Editor. He has provided the first article for this column to get the dialogue going with our readers. If you have a design tip to share, please contact Bruce. You’ll find his contact information under the Newsletter Staff to the right of this article. You’ll find the new “Design Tips” on page 73. Let us know if this article titled “EMC Effects from the Hidden Schematic” helps you with your work.
We also have a special cover story section of this Newsletter. Contributed by EMC Society President Andy Drozd, this section addresses waveform diversity and design – a topic that is new to many of us. The implications of this topic for the systems-level EMC engineer are interesting to consider. In fact, in President Drozd’s “President’s Message” beginning on page 4, he discusses “New Technologies and EMC.” In the article, he notes “we are at an important crossroads where we must decide to intentionally move ahead and build bridges to other technical communities and cutting-edge technologies, and to foster a sense of mutual cooperation with outside organizations.” I trust we decide to build the bridge and foster the exchange of technical information related to EMC. The overlap of EMC with many disciplines is certainly exciting, albeit overwhelming at times. How to focus on core areas of interest to the EMC community will be a challenge, but will also be the lifeblood that keeps our Society significant to government, industry, and academia – globally!
In looking through the pages of this issue, you may note that EMC is the focus of much global activity. We have a new chapter in Victoria, Australia. New chapter activity is starting in Mexico City, Mexico. EMC Board members held their May meeting in Hannover, Germany. The German EMC Chapter is quite active and conducts several meetings, workshops, and conferences every year. One of the practical papers in this Newsletter comes to us from an EMC conference in Taiwan. In June, the 18th International Wroclaw Symposium and Exhibition on EMC took place in Wroclaw, Poland (page 34). Next year, the EMC Society will technically co-sponsor EMC conferences in Munich, Germany (page 69) and St. Petersburg, Russia (page 75), to name a few. By the time you read this article, the EMC Europe 2006 conference in Barcelona, Spain will have taken place. And, of course, next year the 2007 IEEE International Conference on EMC will take place at the crossroads of the Pacific Rim, in Honolulu, Hawaii (page 43).
We are certainly building bridges amongst countries and technologies as evident in this issue!
In closing, you’ll find tributes to three illustrious EMC Society members who recently passed away. I feel fortunate to have known Andy Hish, Joe Fisher, and Jose Perini. I knew Andy from my days in Los Angeles. We were both active members of the EMC Chapter there. Andy was notable for his enthusiasm for EMC and his mischievous manner – he always had a sparkle in his eye! Joe Fisher was a colleague on my first term on the EMC Society Board of Directors. He was also a good friend of my father’s. On my first trip to Washington DC with my mother, my father called Joe and asked him to look after us. The result was a personal tour of the city highlights in Washington DC that I will never forget. Jose Perini was also a colleague of mine on the EMC Society Board of Directors and a noted speaker at EMC Chapter meetings. While Chair of the Los Angeles EMC Chapter, I invited Jose to come speak to our chapter for an extended half- day presentation on “Introduction to Numerical Methods.” Over 70 people attended and it was the highlight of our technical program that year. When I moved to Seattle and became Chair of the Seattle EMC Chapter, I invited Jose to participate as a speaker with Ken Javor to debate the topic of “Bulk Current Injection”. Only two gentlemen such as Jose and Ken could cover the pros and cons of this test methodology in a professional manner. That was an exciting night! Many thanks to Andy Drozd for sharing his memories of these outstanding EMC Society members in his “President’s Message” in this issue. Thanks too to Bill Duff for sharing his memories of Jose Perini in this issue’s Personality Profile (page 22) and to Dick Ford for providing the photos of Jose. Lastly, you’ll find information on the life and times of Andy Hish and Joe Fisher on page 26.
I hope you enjoy this issue of the Newsletter – keep those e-mails and phone calls coming!

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