EMC Society Board of Directors Meeting

President Drozd called the meeting to order at 8:45 am. A round of introductions was made. Board members present included B. Archambeault, H. Benitez, C. Brench (via telecom), A. Drozd, R. Ford, F. Heather, D. Heirman, D. Hoolihan, F. Maradei, M. Montrose, J. O’Neil, J. Norgard, G. Pettit, R. Scully, D. Staggs, D. Sweeney, R. Wallen, and K. Williams. Board members absent included L. Hill, E. Joffe, W. Kesselman, and S. Nitta. Guests included F. Sabath and H. Garbe. President Drozd thanked the IEEE EMC Germany Chapter for their assistance in setting up the meetings this week. President Drozd presented the agenda. The following items were added to the VP Conferences Report: EMC Zurich in Munich and EMC 2009. The following items were included as part of the Consent Agenda: Approval of May meeting agenda, Approval of Secretary’s Report: March 2006 Meeting Minutes, Approval of Treasurer’s Report, Approval of Technical Co-Sponsorship requested. The Board approved the consent agenda.

Kimball Williams presented the finance committee report. He referred to Treasurer Warren Kesselman’s report, which was circulated to the Board prior to the meeting. Regarding 2005 operations, IEEE 2005 post-closing, pre-audit financials indicate that EMCS had a positive 2005 operations net of $158,500. Total income was $1,404,200. Total expenses were $1,245,700. Regarding 2006 operations, IEEE’s approved EMCS 2006 budget projects a $17,800 deficit. The 2007 first pass budget is under review.

Ghery Pettit of Intel, Bruce Archambeault of IBM, Dan Hoolihan of Hoolihan EMC Consultants, and Mark Montrose of Montrose Compliance Services (from left) attended the EMC Board of Directors meeting in Hannover, Germany.
Stephen Berger of TEM Consulting, John Norgard of the University of Colorado Springs, Colorado, Andy Drozd of Andro Computational Solutions and Fred Heather of the Navy Patuxent River (from left) enjoyed visiting during the lunch break of the Board meeting.

Ghery Pettit, Vice-President for Communication Services, presented his report. He summarized the activities under Communication Services and introduced Janet O’Neil, Newsletter Editor. She advised that the Spring 2006 issue was sent to the printers on Monday, May 15. It is the longest issue to date with 116 pages. It is the special issue with many pages devoted solely to coverage of the Portland Symposium. Since this issue will have a wider distribution of 11,000 print copies (it will be sent to all past symposium attendees as the advance program was traditionally sent) than previous issues, and the page count is higher given the Portland Symposium content, the cost is estimated to be some $32,000. However, ad revenue from the 23.88 pages of ads sold for this issue amounts to some $34,000 of which the EMCS will receive some $20,400. It took considerably more time to edit this issue with the symposium material. Ms. O’Neil is working on implementing Elya’s suggestion for a Design Tip section of the Newsletter and plans to launch this in the Summer 2006 issue. Bruce Archambeault has agreed to be the Associate Editor for this section and will provide the first article to give readers an idea of what to submit for future issues. Ms. O’Neil attended the IEEE Panel of Editors meeting over March 31-April 1 in Montreal, Canada along with Perry Wilson, the 2007 EMC Transactions editor. Mr. Pettit noted there was no formal report provided by Flavio Canavero, Transactions on EMC Editor in Chief. He recalled the motion approved at the November Board meeting related to a special issue of the Transactions that would include modified papers presented at the EMC Zurich in Singapore symposium. Since the March Board meeting, he has revisited this issue with Professor Canavero to set limits on what is acceptable for the Transactions. The Board approved the policy that the Editor in Chief of the Transactions of the IEEE EMC Society is empowered to employ the editorial and professional judgment of his staff to determine the appropriateness of papers based on works presented at the 2006 EMC Zurich in Singapore Symposium for publication in the November 2006 issue of the Transactions. This special section of the Transactions shall be about 50 pages in length and shall include approximately 8 to 10 original papers. Mr. Pettit advised Nigel Carter is now the web site manager and is in the process of hiring Draconis Designs to perform the web maintenance function. Work is underway to update the EMCS site. President Drozd noted that the Board voted positively to hire Draconis Designs for this work. Ray Perez presented his report noting there is no outlay of royalties received by the EMCS in this status report. Per his March report, a summary of activity for IEEE Press during 2005 will be presented at the August Board meeting. Regarding books in progress, Elya Joffe and Kai Sang have submitted most of the chapters of their book for review. Previously scheduled reviewers were contacted and copies of the book have been sent to each reviewer. Each reviewer will review assigned chapters but they are also encouraged to review any other part of the book. There are no books currently in production. Regarding new potential books, in the Winter 2006 issue of the EMC Newsletter, the first ad concerning a call for authors appeared. The ad will repeat in the Spring issue of the Newsletter. Up to this point, Mr. Perez has not received any inquiries from prospective authors. Mr. Perez has initiated efforts to recruit potential reviewers for book proposals from prospective authors. The review process of prospective manuscripts for book publication is a tedious endeavor and requires the commitment of individuals who are already very busy. He would like for the EMCS Board to consider a future plan for rewarding these individuals with some form of “thank you” on behalf of the EMCS. IEEE Press is also considering its own form of recognition. Regarding the April IEEE Press Meeting in Tucson, Arizona, topics addressed progress toward meeting 2006 goals for publishing new titles and signing new authors. The EMCS is on track to meet the IEEE Press Strategic Plan goal of 21 titles published in 2006, but much work is needed to sign the necessary projects to meet a goal of 30 titles published in 2007 and 35 in 2008. Members of the Press community are urged to direct prospective authors to the Press website for proposal guidelines, or to forward new proposals and good leads to staff acquisitions editors. Under new initiatives and projects, meeting participants discussed a proposal to digitize certain IEEE Press books and make them available as a member benefit. This idea has been proposed as a candidate for 2007 funding as an IEEE initiative, and it was first brought to the attention of the Press Board during the January meeting. The draft initiative was reviewed and several questions and concerns were raised, principally that the proposal did not have a clear business model that supports the goals of the 2006-08 Strategic Plan. The group adopted a motion acknowledging the recognition of the value of Press books, but stated that the Press Board could not endorse the proposal unless this concern and others were addressed. Dave Staggs, Public Relations committee chair, then reported that the previous EMCS promotional VHS video titled “…EMC Challenge …” has been effectively converted to a DVD file that runs on many DVD players and computers. He acknowledged Don Sweeney for undertaking this tough task. This video was created in the early 1990s and has been now converted to DVD. It seems that today’s DVD technology is lacking on compatibility across home DVD players and computers. Plans are to make 100 of these DVDs for use in Chapter membership recruiting and for public relations work. Negotiations are underway with two lapel pin manufacturers for the design of the new EMCS lapel pin using the 50th Anniversary logo. The design and pricing will be brought before the Board of Directors (BoD) for review and approval in August at the Portland BoD meeting.

Bob Scully of NASA Houston, Francesca Maradei of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Bruce Archambeault (standing from left) and Dick Ford (seated) during a break at the Board meeting in Hannover.
Michael Koch, Sven Fisahn, Sven Battermann, Frank Gronwald, and Janet O’Neil of ETS-Lindgren (standing from left) and Heyno Garbe (seated) of the University of Hannover attended a reception in Hannover where the Board and German EMC Chapter members got to know each other.


Don Heirman, Vice-President for Standards, presented his report. Standards activity covers three major areas: The Standards Education and Training Committee (SETCom), the Standards Advisory and Coordination Committee (SACCom), and the Standards Development Committee (SDCom). The new SETCom chair is Qiubo Ye and the new vice-chair is Professor Johan Catrysse. The new SACCom vice-chair is Dave Guzman of RF Tek in Raleigh, North Carolina. Elya Joffe remains as chair of SACCom. The SDCom continues to be chaired by Stephen Berger. Mr. Heirman reviewed the activity from the previous day’s standards committee meetings at the University of Hannover. The SDCom discussed only new initiatives and study projects, including the P1900 series of interference and co-existence radio services and the use of software defined radio (SDR). The committee supported a member suggestion to withdraw MIL STD 469 on radar EMC and replace it with a task to develop in SDCom a handbook on the subject to train radar design engineers. The committee agreed that the EMCS Board needs to emphasize that EMC includes spectrum management as well as interference issues and highlight that this topic is in the EMCS area of interest and scope. Mr. Heirman further noted that wireless and SDR topics are blurring the line between classical EMC and pure spectrum management without any EMC considerations. There was an SDCom workshop on the IEEE standardization process also held at the University prior to the SDCom meeting and the Board meeting with approximately 20 people in attendance. One of the attendees was quite interested in using the IEEE standards process. This led to his proposing a project on EMC of installations using his work on such EMC aspects for the chemical industry installations. His view was that the work done for this industry could also be further applied to other installations. The committee agreed to pursue this as an SDCom project and to review his documentation. Mr. Heirman noted that the standards committees work with IEEE Conference Management Services for their larger working group meetings, such as P1900, via a contractual arrangement. The SETCom will meet at the Portland symposium and provide a workshop on standards training on Friday afternoon. The SACCom will co-host the annual RAC/SACCom luncheon at the symposium in Portland.

Andy Drozd (left) congratulates Heiko Haase (center) along with German EMC Chapter Chair, Frank Sabath, prior to the start of the Chapter meeting. Heiko Haase received an award for his excellent PhD thesis.

In the absence of Elya Joffe, Dave Staggs presented the report on Membership Services. This includes a report on the budget for Membership Services. Bruce Archambeault gave a report on the EMCS Awards. He reviewed the summary of award nominations. Several e-mail blasts were sent to membership to solicit nominations. Nominations closed on April 15. Next, Dave Staggs reported on membership statistics. As of March 2006, the total number of active EMCS members was 3,730, down 4.6% from this same time in 2005. The most current on line SAMIEEE membership database shows that the EMCS has 3,811 active members, of whom 456 are Senior Members, 178 are Student Members, and 76 are Fellows. Total IEEE membership is 310,906 as of March 2006, down 1.8% over 2005 numbers. In his report, Mr. Staggs presented a membership breakdown by category pie chart. Chapter Coordinator Francesca Maradei reported on the status of Chapters and Angels. Newly formed chapters include the Australia (Victoria Section) and Pittsburgh chapters. Chapters under construction include Galveston Bay/Houston and Fort Worth, Texas. Efforts continue on a new Chapter in Vancouver/British Columbia, Canada and in the Czech Republic, a joint EMC/MTT/AP/ED chapter. New EMC chapter activity continues in Mexico, Argentina, and Bogotá, Thailand, Hong Kong, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Algeria. The Dayton and Pike’s Peak Chapters have been dissolved. The Montreal Chapter is on a “watch list” due to inactivity. She concluded her report noting that the Chicago Chapter will receive the Chapter of the Year Award and Nanjing will receive the Most Improved Chapter Award. Regarding Chapter Retreats, Frank Sabath is helping organize a retreat on September 11 during EMC Europe 2006 in Barcelona. The objectives of the Chapter Retreats are primarily focused on the exchange of information and experience between Chapter officers, discussion of current problems, coordination between different chapters, and providing advice /assistance for less active and new potential chapters. The Chapters will be required to submit reports on a quarterly basis. Ms. Maradei is working to update the Chapter Guide/Handbook. Fellow Search Committee Chair Heyno Garbe reported that two candidates were nominated for 2007. At the last Board meeting, Mr. Drozd asked Mr. Joffe to chair a task force to address the Fellow Search committee and report at the May Board meeting. Mr. Joffe’s report on the task force findings was included in the Membership Services report. The task force members included Bruce Archambeault, Bill Duff, Heyno Garbe, and Bob Goldblum. The on-going work of the task force will lead to the development of a charter and scope of activities of the Fellow Search Committee. Fred Heather then submitted a detailed report on the attendee survey conducted in Santa Clara (2004) and Chicago (2005). Information from this survey of attendees and exhibitors will be used for the Exhibitor’s Breakfast in Portland as well as for future symposium planning. On the attendee survey, overall, the annual symposium was given a 4 out of 5 rating (with 5 being the highest). The majority of attendees are IEEE members from the US that share a common interest. The services they are interested in receiving are wireless access to the Internet during the symposium at the convention center and good value for the registration price paid. They would also like to see a greater price differential in registration pricing between members and nonmembers. Ken Wyatt, EMC-S photographer, continues to assist the Newsletter editor in providing photos and cover artwork. He would like to receive a list of activities and meetings to be photographed during the 2006 Symposium ahead of time so he can plan his time on site accordingly. Any thoughts or suggestions for photography should be directed to Ken at ken_wyatt@agilent.com. In the future, he would like to make all award images available for download. This will need to be coordinated with the EMCS Webmaster. Certain award photos will be printed and distributed to the award winners following the symposium. Pace Chair Bill McGinnis has developed a concept of providing seasoned and experienced review and critiquing of resumes that out of work members would need to send in with job applications. He plans to announce the PACE resume review assistance program at the Portland Symposium. Regarding Regions 8-10, Mr. Joffe’s report shows that membership development activities will be carried out in conjunction with the following symposia: Wroclaw, June 2006, EMC Europe 2006 in Barcelona, and the 4th Workshop on Biological Effects of EM Fields, October 2006, Crete, Greece. Fred Heather gave a report on the financial assistance program. He presented the policy and procedures established to provide financial assistance to economically disadvantaged engineers. This year the Membership Services budget has allocated $3,000 for financial support. The Board approved the policy and procedures as outlined in his report. Mr. Joffe noted that work has begun to identify candidate “sister societies”. Such organizations exist in Australia, China, Japan, Malaysia, Israel, and several other countries. Work for development of the charter for the position of “Sister Society Coordinator” and MOU templates is under way.

The audience at the German EMC Chapter meeting where John Norgard, EMC Society Vice President for Technical Services presented “IR Images of EM Fields”.
Heyno Garbe, Andy Drozd, and Peter Pirsch, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Hannover (from left), celebrate Professor Garbe’s recent IEEE Fellow Award.

John Norgard, Vice President for Technical Services, presented his report. The Chair of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is Bill Strauss. Vice-Chair is Arto Chubukjian, and Secretary is Robert Scully. TAC has received three recent requests for Technical Co-Sponsorship, including: EMC 2007 VII Symposium on EMC, St. Petersburg, Russia, EMC UK 2006 in Newbury, England, and the 9th International Conference on EMC in February 2006, Bangalore, India. The first two conferences were approved for Technical Co-Sponsorship. This last request (Bangalore conference) was received too late to be considered. TAC has formed an ad hoc committee to evaluate the technical co-sponsorship process and revise as necessary. They have reviewed 170 papers for EMC 2006 in Portland. Authors were notified about their paper status on March 27. Of the 170 papers, 38 were student papers, and 32 requested the “close format presentation” format. The greatest number of papers reviewed was 41 by TC-2 (EMC Measurement), 41 by TC-4 (EMI Control), 29 by TC-10 (Signal Integrity) and 27 by TC-9 (Computational EM). Fred Heather gave his report. The RAC/SACCom annual luncheon plans for August are underway. The open positions on the committee include representation on the IEEE-USA Energy Policy Committee and the IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology (SSIT).

Sven Battermann and Heyno Garbe at the May meeting of the German EMC Chapter.

Barry Wallen presented his report. He provided the following update on EMC-S Symposiums: EMC’2005 Chicago, Illinois Chair Tom Braxton reports that the 2005 Chicago EMC Symposium committee continues to be gratified by the level of success of last year’s event. Attendees and exhibitors alike came away with glowing comments on the program, the venue, and the social environment. Apart from a handful of minor logistical glitches, the 2005 symposium met the expectations established by the Chicago committee. Final financial numbers became available in April 2006 and met financial goals. Another facet of the success in Chicago is that the net income, or general surplus, was nearly 15% higher than originally budgeted. The credit for this success goes to the entire team in Chicago and at CMS, all of whom implemented the aggressive and innovative program for patron support that the Chicago committee insisted upon. A comprehensive Final Report is being prepared at this time, reflecting the final budget numbers. In addition to a complete budget summary, the Final Report will give a narrative overview of what worked, what didn’t, and what was learned in the Chicago experience, as seen by all members of the Chicago committee. Revenue was shown as $1,024,817.26 (103.15% of budget), expenses were $852,335.93 (101.11% of budget), for a net surplus of $172,481.33 (114.58% of budget). In total, there were 471 IEEE member full registrations and 191 non-member full registrations. There were 3,392 badges created for registrants, exhibitors, and companions. There were 223 booths, and 8 tabletop displays from 162 exhibiting companies. EMC 2006 Portland, Oregon Chair Henry Benitez reports that gala arrangements are completed. The Newsletter has replaced the Advance Program and has been completed. Arrangements for the keynote speaker have been completed. Dr. Bernard Amadei has agreed to be the keynote speaker and he will be speaking on “Engineers Without Borders”. The final budget was submitted and approved. Exhibit sales are on track with Chicago. Work on the Exhibitor’s Showcase and Forum are progressing as expected. Website upgrade activities are underway. EMC 2007 Honolulu, HI 50th Anniversary Symposium Chair Janet O’Neil reported that there has not been a change in status since the March 2006 report. The 2007 Interim budget was approved at the March BoD meeting and submitted to the IEEE. EMC 2008 Detroit, Michigan Chair Kimball Williams advised that all committee positions have been filled. The committee is holding monthly telecom meetings. Updated budget revisions based upon the Chicago budget have been put in place. The new budget was included in Mr. Wallen’s report. The hotel and convention center contracts have been signed. The marketing committee will meet on November 4 at UL Novi to discuss a number of “up front” issues and lay further plans for working with the “Big 3” (DaimlerChrysler, Ford and GM). Scott Lytle has purchased the web ‘name’ and they are beginning work on the web site format. Since CMS will be helping put the web site together, their work will be strictly the ‘art’ and content. EMC 2009 Austin, Texas Chair Dave Staggs reported that IEEE Insurance and Information Schedule forms are complete and submitted to IEEE CMS. The contract between the IEEE and the Austin Convention Center has been signed. A $1,000 deposit has been provided to the Convention Center. This $1,000 is a loan from the EMC-S to the Central Texas Chapter. The contract with the host hotel has been signed. The contract between IEEE Conference Management Services (CMS) and Central Texas Chapter of EMCS is on hold. The IEEE CMS contract should be signed in the near future pending a review of 2007, 2008 and 2009 contract pricing comparisons by the VP of Conferences. They are working on a preliminary budget based on a template from the VP of Conference Services. Regarding EMC 2011, currently there one application in hand and it is incomplete (Singapore). Cities under consideration include Pittsburgh, PA, Ottawa, Canada, Long Beach, CA, San Diego, CA, Vancouver, Canada and Singapore, Singapore. EMC Society Exhibitor Liaison Janet O’Neil has been working with Bruce Archambeault and the site selection committee for 2010. She has interviewed exhibitors on the pros/cons of each venue. She worked with Barry Wallen to draft an e-mail to send to all EMC exhibitors requesting their input on the two proposed venues (Fort Lauderdale and Washington DC) so their comments could be considered for the March Board meeting discussion, if they are interested in submitting their opinion. This effort resulted in a significant amount of input from the exhibitors. Dr. Nigel Carter, the Global Symposia Coordinator, provided updated data regarding forthcoming Global Symposia and Conferences, which are (or proposed to be) Technically Co-Sponsored by the EMC-S. Only two new requests for Technical Co Sponsorship have been received since the last Board Meeting. The list of conferences was included in the Conferences Report. Regarding regional conferences in Regions 1-7, Janet O’Neil reported that there are several tabletop shows scheduled to date for 2006. This information was included in the e-mail to all EMC exhibitors along with the information on EMC 2007 from the Chicago Exhibitors’ breakfast noted above. These shows will also be shown in the Calendar Section of the EMC Newsletter, Spring 2006 issue. The shows include: June 6, Waldorf, Maryland, a Tri-Chapter EMC Event on “Fundamental and Advanced Topics in EMC,” July 11, Huntsville, Alabama, “The Fundamentals of EMC” presented by Clayton R. Paul, Mercer University, July 13, Dallas, Texas, “The Bruce Lee Show” - EMC Design Concepts and Applications for the Real World presented by Bruce Archambeault, IBM and Lee Hill, Silent Solutions, and July 21, Denver, Colorado, “Practical Measurement Techniques and Facilities for RF Testing” with multiple speakers. For more information on these shows, please contact the EMC Chapter Chair listed for each event in the Calendar Section of the Newsletter. Frank Sabath reported on activities in Region 8. Regarding cooperation with EMC Europe, he has submitted a draft MoU for a closer cooperation between the EMC-S and EMC Europe. No action has resulted. Mr. Wallen advised that the proposed MOU was not significantly different from what was already in place. Further cooperation efforts will be discussed on May 16th in Hannover with Rudi Vahldieck, Andy Drozd, Mr. Wallen, and Mr. Sabath. Regarding the retention of records from Co-Sponsored Symposia, Frank has contacted the representatives of the library of the Otto-von-Guericke-University. He has continued to discuss and negotiate details of a MoU. At the moment, the list of proceedings is the critical point of discussion. Additionally, he has asked Elya to provide a list of proceedings, which will be part of the MoU. Mr. Wallen’s report shows a list of EMC related conferences scheduled for 2006 and 2007 in Region 8. Regarding Region 9, Janet O’Neil reported that the Mexico tabletop show has been confirmed for June 27-28 in Mexico City. The event will be called EMC Mexico 2006: A Colloquium and Exhibition. It will be organized by IEEE EMC members in Mexico with multiple speakers on various topics, including IEEE EMC Society President Andrew Drozd on “Policy Defined Radio” and Professor Bob Olsen on “PLC Communications: EMI/EMC Aspects.” The key organizers are Dr. Roberto Linares and Dr. Argeo Vazquez. Mr. Wallen showed the current organizational chart for the structure of the EMC Conferences Group. Jim Blaha is the newest member for Marketing and Publicity as approved earlier in the meeting. He is primarily working on EMC 2007 publicity at this point, but this work can be used for the subsequent symposiums. Symposium Finance Committee Chair Bob Hofmann reported on the current status of this committee’s activity. They have completed the budget alignment process with IEEE Conference Management Services, Conference Management Finance, and the EMCS Conferences Finance Chair, they have reviewed and commented upon the 2007 budget, and they have completed the new budget template and sent this out to the symposium committees for 2007, 2008, and 2009. They are in the process of establishing financial polices for the future symposia. This would include fee policies, booth rate changes, scholarship policies, etc. They are also developing a tool for symposia budget creation.

Michael Koch, Jan Luiken ter Hasborg, and Herman Singer (from left) attended the dinner and meeting sponsored by the EMC Society Board of Directors and the German EMC Chapter.

50th Anniversary Report
Dan Hoolihan presented his report on the 50th Anniversary Committee. Oral interviews have been completed on Leonard W. Thomas, Sr., James P. McNaul (the 2nd President of the EMC-S), Joseph F. Fischer (13th President of the EMC-S), Ralph Showers, Warren Kesselman, as well as Chester Smith, Anthony G. Zimbalatti, and Milton Kant (who are founders of the EMC-S). There will be a future interview of William Eugene (Gene) Cory (14th President of the EMC-S). The IEEE History Center will provide materials for the booklet on the history of the EMC Society. Ghery Pettit and Flavio Canavero will create a special issue of the Transactions in 2007 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary. This will be similar to the EMC Society’s Silver Anniversary Special Issue (Volume EMC-25 – No. 3) published in August 1983. The committee hopes to benefit from the IEEE’s recent efforts in digitizing all Transactions and past EMC Symposia records prior to 1988 and placing them in the electronic library to be accessed via Xplore. Mr. Hoolihan noted that all EMCS symposia records from 1998 to 2005 are available on Xplore. The committee is discussing coordination of the costs for putting all 50 years of the EMC-S Transactions on a DVD with the IEEE as part of this “digitization” project. They also continue to research the pricing and methods of putting the EMC-S Symposium Records on a DVD. Mr. Hoolihan’s report includes a list of other special anniversary recognition items such as lapel pins, special plaques for pioneer technical papers, and a luncheon for the founders and past presidents of the Society, among other items.

Francesca Maradei, Marti and Barry Wallen, and Dan Hoolihan (from left) appreciated the warm hospitality extended by the German EMC Chapter during their visit to Hannover.

The was no old business to discuss.

The following items were discussed under New Business:
2010 Site Selection Status/Follow-on Discussions
President Drozd summarized the vote on the electronic motion to reconsider the vote on the location of the 2010 EMC Symposium. The Board confirmed that the original vote selecting Fort Lauderdale as the location for the 2010 IEEE International Symposium was still in effect.

Conference Delegates
President Drozd showed the list of upcoming future EMC conferences of which the EMC Society is a technical co-sponsor. He would like to see the Board represented at these conferences. The Board confirmed attendance at these conferences.

Board Meeting Schedule for 2006-2007
President Drozd discussed future Board meeting dates. These will be posted in the Calendar Section of the EMC Newsletter.

Constitution and Bylaws
Mark Montrose reviewed the IEEE and EMC-S governance documents. He discussed the EMC-S Operating Procedures and Policy document. This effort to update these documents is ongoing. General consensus among Board members was to leave the Board size as is, but consider policy to ensure representation on the Board from Regions 1-10. On term limits, the consensus was to leave the policy as is. On electronic voting, Mr. Montrose was asked to get more information from TAB on how they conduct business this way. Mr. Montrose will locate past policies to go into the next update of the Operating Procedures and Policy Manual.

Secretary O’Neil reviewed the action items discussed during the meeting. An updated, consolidated list of action items will be sent to the Board following the meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:10 pm. The next series of meetings will be held during the Portland Symposium. EMC
Submitted by:
Janet O’Neil, Secretary,
EMC Society Board of Directors

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