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Newsletter Editor Janet O'Neil at her
"real job"

I find it amusing when people ask me about my "real job." They question what it is I really do. I think it must be a compliment. I take it to mean that I must be having too much fun at IEEE EMC Society events for it to be considered "work." And that's true!
I traveled quite a bit this spring to attend various IEEE EMC Society regional colloquia and exhibitions. Part of my role for the EMC Society is to help EMC Chapters organize one of these events. They are lively and fun! Read all about the most recent "tabletop shows" in this issue's Chapter Chatter. Read about upcoming ones in the Calendar section. Note that sometimes I do double duty at these shows; I help the Chapter organize the event and once it's up and running, I help staff my company's tabletop display. Oops! I gave it away, now you know my "real job!"
I enjoyed putting this issue together. The photos and articles that came in about the 2003 IEEE International Symposium on EMC in Istanbul, Turkey were very interesting. The truly global mix of EMC engineers was fascinating to me. The photos were colorful and exotic. I am sorry I missed this event, but like so many others that intended to go, world events precluded our best laid plans. I can tell that those who participated in this symposium now have wonderful memories of an educational and enjoyable cultural experience that they will never forget. Kudos to the organizing committee for putting on a great symposium!
Speaking of exotic, I find it truly interesting when an EMC engineer travels the world looking for something of significance to our profession. But that's what Steve Jensen, of Steve Jensen Consultants, Inc. did! He found his very own EMI road on such a journey. Wonder if this will be on the tour during the 2007 IEEE International Symposium on EMC in Honolulu, Hawaii?
Please enjoy this issue. I hope our EMI roads cross one of these days!

Steve Jensen journeyed to far away Kauai, near Poipu Beach, to find his own
EMI Road.

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