EMC Related Conferences & Symposia
September 2003
V Symposium EMC-2003
Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical
St. Petersburg, Russia

September (exact dates TBD)

2003 Workshop/Conference on Noise Radar Technology
Sponsored by, among others, the IEEE Ukraine Section (Kharkov) and the AP/C/EMC/SP Joint Chapter
Professor Konstantin Lukin
Telephone: +38 0572 448349, 448371
Fax: +38 0572 441105


December 18-19
The 8th International Conference on EMC
Sponsored by the Ministry of Communications and Information
Technology, the Government of India and the Society of EMC engineers (India)
Chennai, India
For submission of technical papers and other details contact,
S. Karunakaran


June 1-4
EMC '04 Sendai
Sponsored by, among others, the IEEE EMC Sendai Chapter
Sendai International Center
Sendai, Japan

EMCS Symposia Schedule
2004 August 9-13
Santa Clara, CA
John Howard

2005 August 8-12
Chicago, IL
Tom Braxton

2006 August 13-17
Portland, OR
Henry Benitez

2007 July 9-13
Honolulu, HI
Janet O'Neil


IEEE EMC Society Board of Directors Meetings
(For information on all meetings, contact Janet O'Neil, 425.868.2558)


November 10 and 11, 2003
Santa Clara, California

IEEE EMC Chapter Colloquium and Exhibition "Table-Top Shows"


October 9, 2003
Rocky Mountain EMC Chapter

2003 EMC Symposium
Radisson Greystone Castle
Thornton, Colorado
Charles Grasso, Echostar
Communications Corp.


March 30, 2004
Seattle EMC Chapter

Workshops with Lee Hill of Silent Solutions
and Bruce Archambeault of IBM
Janet O'Neil, 425.868.2558

May 3, 2004
SE Michigan EMC Chapter
EMC Fest 2004
With Speaker Tom Van Doren from the University of Missouri, Rolla
The Dearborn Inn, Dearborn, MI
Kimball Williams
Underwriters Laboratories Inc.


May 18, 2004
Chicago EMC Chapter

6th Annual EMC Mini-Symposium with various speakers
Frank Krozel
Electronic Instrument Associates, 630.924.1600

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