EMC Society Annual Awards

Don Heirman, Vice-President for Standards and Past President of the EMC Society, represented Society President Todd Hubing at the 2003 IEEE International Symposium on EMC in Istanbul, Turkey. He is shown below with several of the award recipients. For a complete listing of the awards presented in Istanbul, please click here.


Anat Joffe, recipient of the Certificate of Recognition.


"Ever too often, the role of the family is forgotten when recognizing the achievements of one of its members. Without the endurance and support of my wife, Anat, and my daughter, Tami-Lee, throughout the long, stressful years, it would have been impossible to make this Symposium a reality, especially under the very special circumstances it had undergone. For that, I am truly indebted." - Symposium Chairman, Elya B. Joffe, during the Wednesday Awards Banquet.

Oren Hartal was the recipient of four awards, including the Certificate of Technical Achievement.
Bill Radasky received the Certificate of Appreciation.








Dr. Moshe Merzer, recipient of the Certificate of Recognition.
Andy Drozd received the Certificate of Appreciation from fellow EMCS Board member Don Heirman.
Dr. Panayiotis P. Lemos received the Certificate of Appreciation.
Mr. Moshe Netzer received the Certificate of Appreciation.
Alex Axelrod, Elya Joffe and Heyno Garbe (from left) with a wonderful example of art typically seen in Istanbul. Professor Garbe was presented with the Lawrence G. Cumming award during the Symposium.
Diethard Hansen, Olof Lunden, Markus Heidermann, Ramiz Hamid and Wieland Mann (from left) were part of a technical session at the Istanbul Symposium where the majority of papers presented were nominated for "Best Paper". Dr. Hansen chaired this excellent technical session.



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