Announcing the New Senior Members of the IEEE EMC Society

Congratulations for your elevation to the grade of Senior Member of the IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society. The Senior Member grade constitutes a mark of recognition of your high professional standing and experience. Only 3%, approximately, of the entire IEEE membership hold the grade of Senior Members, and we are proud to have you joining this ­prestigious class.


Martin Armstrong
Lowell Kolb
Paul Vertannes
Jose Descardeci
Junhong Deng
Koji Michishita
Masahiro Aoyagi
Rodolfo Areno

Richars Hoard
Hideki Sasaki
Paul Stover
Hongmei Fan
Thomas Heckman
Branko Misljenovic
David Thomas
Murray Marple
Keith Tinsley
Yakup Bayram
Abdelber Bendaoud
Jacek Izdorczyk
Michael Oliver
William Parker


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