In Memoriam: Joseph Morrissey

Joe Morrissey
Joe Morrissey

Joe Morrissey died in April 2010. He left behind his wife Kay and his son Patrick. Joe received undergraduate and masters degrees in the biological sciences from the University of South Florida, a graduate degree in Molecular Biology from Stanford University Medical School, and did post-doctoral studies on molecular pathways in hormone-responsive cancer development at the University of Miami. In 1996, he designed and led a project contracted by Motorola looking at stress response gene expression in the brains of mice exposed to a novel radiofrequency signal. Upon completion of that study, a position within Motorola developed to assist with management of other research projects and Joe started his work as a researcher for Motorola. In the last decade, Joe expanded his responsibilities to include areas of electromagnetic interference and compatibility, including interactions between mobile phones and hearing aids, medical devices, aircraft navigation/communication systems, etc. He was actively involved in many standards committees, including those relevant to RF exposure limits to protect against human health effects. He chaired the literature surveillance working group of IEEE ICES (International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety), keeping him well acquainted with the relevant RF health effects literature. In addition, he was chairman of Subcommittee 8 of ANSI Accredited Committee C63® which deals with EMC of medical devices. There he worked on EMC aspects of cell phones used by those wearing hearing aids. The standard associated with this work is referenced in the FCC Rules, thus showing the importance and the culmination of his tireless work for the hearing impaired. Finally, Joe was not only a master of his technology, but he was a gentleman trying his best at all times to accommodate opposing opinions in working with his contemporaries and coming to a resolution of conflicts. He has left behind many that have relied on his expertise. His contributions will be his legacy for all of us to try to emulate.

     His wife has established an education fund for their 5-year old son Patrick. Should anyone wish to contribute, here are the particulars:


The Patrick Morrissey Education Fund
Account #9117764483
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