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At the Telecommunications Certification Body Council (TCBC) meeting in Baltimore the week of April 26, 2010, there was an opportunity to present the ANSI ASC C63® membership certificate to the TCBC. This organization provides significant contribution via its primary representative on C63® – Art Wall, a consultant with his own company, Radio Regulatory Consultants. At a break in the TCBC meeting, the Vice Chairman of C63® – Dan Hoolihan of Hoolihan EMC Consulting – presented the certificate to the secretary of the TCBC. See the photo at right for the short ceremony.
     ANSI ASC C63® handed out similar certificates to its members at its meeting on 22 April 2010 in Piscataway, New Jersey, in conjunction with its meeting series held at IEEE headquarters.
     Included with this article are a few photos showing members receiving their certificates.


The Telecommunication Certification Body Council’s Workshop was held in Baltimore, Maryland on April 26-28, 2010. During the course of the Workshop, Art Wall gave a summary presentation on two ANSI ASC C63® standards; C63.10 (Unlicensed Wireless Devices) and C63.26 (Licensed Wireless Devices). In front of 100 attendees, the Vice-Chair of C63®, Dan Hoolihan (left), presented the 2010 Membership Certificate for the TCB Council to Chris Harvey (center), the Executive Director of the TCB Council, as Art Wall (right), the Chairman of the Working Group that developed C63.10, looks on approvingly. Mr. Hoolihan thanked the TCB Council for their support and encouraged their continued participation in the development of the next edition of C63.10 and the first edition of C63.26. Telecommunication Certification Bodies are doing about 98% of the Certifications for FCC Compliance in the USA.
Don Heirman, Chair of ASC C63®, presents the member certificate to Bill Hurst (left) who received it for his agency—the Federal Communications Commission.
Bill presents the needs of the FCC that can be satisfied in large part by the standards that the committee publishes and which are then referenced in the FCC Rules.
Don Heirman, Chair of ASC C63®, presents the member certificate to Ed Hare (left) who received it for his organization—the American Radio Relay League. Ed has served the ARRL as chairman of a subcommittee that maintains the ASC C63® product immunity standards. He also spends much of his own time to prepare maintenance of the committee website which he then presents to the webmaster for implementation.
Don Heirman, Chair of ASC C63®, presents the member certificate to Jeff Silberberg (left) who received it for his agency – the Food and Drug Administration. Jeff has served his agency well by keeping ASC C63® and its Subcommittee 8 up to date on FDA EMC activity and the work of IEC SC62A which covers EMC aspects of
medical electrical equipment.
Don Heirman, Chair of ASC C63® , presents the member certificate to Marcus Shellman (left) who received it for his agency—the US military Joint Spectrum Center. Marcus provides the major link between the military and the committee especially in maintaining the ASC C63® dictionary of EMC terms that are used by the US military as well as the committee in its own standards.
Dan Hoolihan (right), Vice Chair of ASC C63®, presents the member certificate to Don Heirman who received it for his sponsor—The IEEE Standards Association (SA). Don represents the interests of the IEEE SA in chairing the committee and maintaining a close link between the SA and the secretariat which the SA holds. Don Heirman, Chair of ASC C63®, presents the member certificate to Steve Coston (left) who received it for his company—Sony Ericsson. Steve has served his company well in bringing technical and administrative input into the work of ASC C63® on EMC between cellular phones and users wearing hearing aids.




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