EMC Society Board of Directors Meeting
The Hilton Hotel
Phoenix, Arizona
March 20, 2009


The President’s Opening
Remarks/Consent Agenda

President Joffe called the meeting to order at 9:00 am. A round of introductions was made. Board members present included H. Benitez, C. Brench, A. Drozd, R. Ford, R. Goldblum, F. Heather, D. Heirman, T. Hubing, E. Joffe, R. Jost, J. LaSalle, F. Maradei, M. Montrose, J. Norgard, J. O’Neil, R. Scully, D. Staggs, D. Sweeney, K. Williams and T. Yoshino. Bob Davis and Ghery Pettit participated via speaker phone. Guests included B. Archambeault, W. Kesselman (participated via speaker phone), K. Phipps and Q. Yi. President Joffe reviewed Board meeting protocol, the IEEE code of ethics, and upcoming activities. He handed to all Board members a new welcome letter/kit he and Kimball Williams created for the newly elected Board members present, including Kimball Williams, John Norgard, Dick Ford, and Henry Benitez. Mr. Joffe reviewed the activity of the Excom meeting held the previous evening. The meeting addressed administrative points including the agenda review and motions to be presented. Under the IEEE TAB report, Mr. Joffe talked about the last meeting he attended with President-elect Francesca Maradei. Topics of interest included the recent discovery of “fake” computer generated papers submitted to various IEEE conferences and then being posted to Xplore. The IEEE cautioned all Societies to be very careful in their respective paper review processes and be aware of this potential activity. The IEEE provided guidelines for Societies to protect themselves against this fraudulent activity. TAB also addressed cooperation between Societies on topics of mutual interest. IEEE is considering having presentations by a given Society’s Distinguished Lecturer available for presentations to other Societies. The question is if they should serve other Societies and if so, under what conditions? Lastly, TAB is making progress on the Technology Navigator (a.k.a. Technological Roadmap). The agenda was presented for review. The consent agenda included approval of the March 2009 meeting agenda, approval of the November 2008 Board meeting minutes, approval of the Treasurer’s report, approval of technical co-sponsorship for EMC Compo 2009 in Toulouse, France over November 17–20, and approval of the appointments of Tom Jerse as the new ESAC chair and Bruce Archambeault as TAC chair. The Board approved the consent agenda.

Global Outreach Activities
Mr. Joffe gave a presentation on the outreach events at recent EMC conferences, including EMC Zurich 2009. Mr. Joffe attended this conference and represented the EMC-S. He noted there were no exhibits at the conference this year and no announcement was made related to the next EMC Zurich. Discussions were held with the IET about future collaboration with the EMC-S. Mr. Joffe also reported on the INCEMIC conference in Bangalore, India in November 2008. He attended and gave the keynote address. Discussions were held with local members about forming a Bangalore EMC Chapter. Related to future outreach events in 2009, he confirmed plans for outreach events at the EMC conference in St. Petersburg, Russia in June, the EMC conference in Kyoto, Japan in July, and the EMC conference in Xi’an, China in September. Future plans for 2009 outreach include a visit by Mr. Joffe and Takeo Yoshino to EMC Chapters and IEEE Sections in Region 10, including Korea in April, Australia in June, and Hyderabad in the second half of the year. There are also other locations being considered for 2009 and 2010 as noted in Mr. Joffe’s report.


Qiubo Ye, Chair of the Standards Education and Training Committee (SETCom), attended the EMC Society Board of Directors meeting in Phoenix.
Also attending the Phoenix Board meeting as a representative of the Standards Committees was Kermit Phipps, Chair of the EMI Control Committee, TC-4.



Past President and Finance
Committee Report

Past President Andy Drozd presented his report which included several motions. Mr. Drozd reported on proposed EMC-S Constitution and Bylaws policy changes related to Secretary and Treasurer appointed positions, appointment of a GOLD representative to the Board, nominations and election policy for Directors-at-Large. Proposed motions related to these topics were emailed to the Board prior to the meeting. The Board approved waiving the full two week requirement to institutionalize a new policy that clarifies “Ex-Officio” status, including voting rights. Mr. Drozd led a discussion on clarifying the appointed positions on the Board, “ex officio” status and voting rights of ex officio members. He discussed the appointment of a GOLD representative to the EMC-S Board. Concerning nominations to the Board of Directors, Mr. Drozd as past president will chair the 2009 nominations committee. Board members will include Francesca Maradei (Region 8, Italy) and Henry Benitez. Committee members not on the Board include Bruce Archambeault and Peter Leung (Region 10, Hong Kong). The Board approved Mr. Drozd’s slate of nomination committee members. Mr. Drozd then discussed Board election reform in order to increase representation from regions 7–10 and to ensure new candidates would have a better chance for election. His report outlined various suggestions to improve the Board election process. Under the Finance Committee report, the Board approved the non-member subscription fees price list in accordance with the recommended price as determined by IEEE for 2010. The Board approved a 2010 Transactions on EMC page count not to exceed 1,100 pages, including indexing pages, and to allow the EMC-S Finance Committee to make appropriate adjustments in order to assure a balanced budget. This includes a total of four (4) regular issues and one special issue for 2010. The Board approved the optional member Transactions on EMC (print copy) fees price list in accordance with recommended prices as determined by IEEE for 2010. This would amount to $20 for the Transactions on EMC. The Board approved the 2010 EMC-S first pass budget expenses presented in Mr. Drozd’s report for the preliminary Officer, Committee and other budgeted expenses in the amount of $257,000, and to allow the EMC-S FinCom to make appropriate adjustments in order to assure a balanced budget.
Mr. Drozd then showed the five-year budget forecast. He closed his report by noting that the 2008 actual IEEE reserve levels are below minimums under both the old (50% RER) and recently adopted new criteria (70% of overall risk).

President-Elect Report
Francesca Maradei presented her report which included a schedule of meetings for 2010. On outreach activities, Ms. Maradei discussed continuing her outreach efforts to the global EMC community and Chapters as President-elect and President. Related to strategic planning activities, Ms. Maradei would like to complete the Strategic Planning (SP) document dated March 2009 to define the field of interest (FOI), mission and vision statements of the EMC-S and follow up on the long range planning activities from the matrix.

Standards Services
John Norgard, Vice-President for Standards, presented his report. Standards activity covers three major areas: The Standards Education and Training Committee (SETCom), the Standards Advisory and Coordination Committee (SACCom), and the Standards Development Committee (SDCom). The SETCom Chair is Qiubo Ye and the Vice-Chair is Professor Johan Catrysse. The SACCom Chair is Erik Bergstrom and Dave Guzman is secretary. The SDCom chair is Andy Drozd, Colin Brench is vice chairman and Ed Hare is secretary. Andy Drozd was not able to chair the SDCom meeting on March 19 so Dr. Norgard asked Mr. Heirman to chair the meeting and present the report. Mr. Heirman reported that SDCom met before the Board meeting. There are 14 members of SDCom working on 17 active standards projects. A brief summary of the status of these projects was presented in his report. On other related committee activity, two members were removed for non participation and other members will be asked to confirm their membership meeting the policy and procedure (P&P) requirements in preparation for an audit. The committee approved a membership fee for ANSI ASC C63® and has identified web site out of date areas. The next meeting will be held in Philadelphia on May 20. Related to Long Range Planning, the committee is looking at standardization for emerging technologies, including Software Defined Radio and Cognitive Radio. They are also monitoring EMC-TC activity (e.g. TC-11 activities on nanotechnology) for possibilities. Andy Drozd reported that he has a telecom with the chair of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) to discuss cooperation. Qiubo Yi reported on the SETCom meeting. He reviewed the scope of SETCom to provide formal training on standards and noted current committee activity, including submittal of one article for the EMC Newsletter on IEEE Std. P1302™ “A Guidance Document for the Characterization of Shielded Gaskets” by Johan Catrysse. The SETCom EMC Standards Workshop was accepted for the EMC 2009 symposium in Austin. Speakers are preparing their presentation materials for uploading by the May 1 deadline.


Board members Colin Brench, Dave Staggs and Henry Benitez (from left) prepare for the start of the Board of Directors meeting.
Bob Goldblum (left) and Takeo Yoshino enjoy visiting during a break in the March Board meeting.


Member Services Report
Bob Davis, Vice-President for Member Services, presented his report via telecom. His report includes a financial summary of activities for 2008 and information on the various subcommittees. Colin Brench noted that the current total for EMC Society membership is 4,202 members. This is an increase since the August 14, 2008 report which showed there were 4,031 members in the EMC Society. Since his last report, 31 new senior member elevations took place. Mr. Brench noted his download of the database shows most EMC-S members joined since 2007 so there are still oddities in extracting data. On EMC Society Awards, Mr. Davis reported for Lee Hill that no nominations have been received from members for three awards: the Richard R. Stoddart Award, Sustained Service Award and Special Service Award. The committee published a call for awards nominations in the Winter 2009 EMC Newsletter and is contacting members via e-mail blasts to solicit awards nominations. The Board approved presenting a special award related to Wroclaw EMC symposium during the 2010 IEEE International Symposium on EMC. Mr. Davis reported on the “Completed Careers” committee activity. Articles have been placed on a regular basis in the EMC Newsletter. The late Larry Toller and Andy Nalbandian will be profiled in the Spring 2009 issue of the EMC Newsletter. Bruce Archambeault reported on the Distinguished Lecturer (DL) program. During the last nominations for DL, there were only two ­candidates, when traditionally there are three candidates. An application was received from Joungho Kim, a Professor at KAIST, which is a leading university in Korea. He has three excellent presentation topics and is very well respected in the EMC community. The Board approved the appointment of Joungho Kim as an additional Distinguished Lecturer for the term 2009–2010. Dr. Archambeault presented a proposal for a new Respected Speaker Bureau (RSB). The goal is to provide a list of speakers for Chapter meetings, conferences, etc. that includes past DLs who received high scores from Chapters and illustrious members of the EMC Society. The report outlines implementation plans for the program. The Board approved the creation of a Respected Speakers Bureau (RSB) to provide additional resources for local Chapter chairs for Chapter meetings. Participants in the RSB may be past Distinguished Lecturers or other well known and respected EMC professionals that will be invited to participate based on past Distinguished Lecturer feedback and other feedback as appropriate. Membership in the RSB will be reviewed every year for continued participation in the program. Travel expenses will be provided by the local Chapter or shared between the EMC-S and the local Chapter. The budget proposed for 2010 is $5,000.00 for the RSB program. On the Video DL program, Dr. Archambeault advised two Chapters have used the DVD for a Chapter meeting, including Dallas, Texas (Feb 2009) and Long Island, NY (Nov 2008). There has been a very positive response from both Chapter chairs and attendees on the program. Dr. Archambeault plans to add two more DVD talks from existing DLs. The report includes detailed information on the number of DL presentations in 2008 and 2009 (to date) as well as financial information. Kimball Williams discussed recent PACE (Professional Activities and Careers for Engineers) activity. The committee is addressing employment issues, career transition planning, and student professional awareness.


A meeting of the Phoenix EMC Chapter was held following the Board meeting. Phoenix Chapter members Poorna Chander Ravva (left) of Intel and his wife Swetha met Board member Todd Hubing during the reception.EMC Society President-elect Francesca Maradei (left) and Secretary Janet O’Neil enjoy the warm weather in Phoenix.
EMC Society President-elect Francesca Maradei (left) and Secretary Janet O’Neil enjoy the warm weather in Phoenix.


Communication Services
Todd Hubing, Vice-President for Communication Services, presented his report. Newsletter Editor Janet O’Neil reported that the Winter 2009 Issue is 96 pages and is being mailed to members now. Ms. O’Neil plans to attend the IEEE Panel of Editors meeting in Atlanta, GA over March 27–28. ­Financially, the cost to produce and mail the Winter 2009 issue of 96 pages was $19,861. The net ad revenue returned to the EMC Society was $6,260. There were nine paid ads in the Winter 2009 issue. This is a sharp drop in paid advertising from the previous Fall 2008 issue, but in keeping with the current economic climate. In comparison, the cost to produce and mail the Fall 2008 issue of 112 pages was $24,552. The net revenue returned to the EMC Society was $11,174. There were 17 paid ads in the Fall 2008 issue. Transactions on EMC Editor in Chief Perry Wilson reports that both the August 2008 and February 2009 issues were mailed on time, during their respective months, so the publication is on time in production. The May 2009 issue should be mailed on May 22, 2009. There is currently no backlog of unpublished papers. Below is a summary of paper submissions:

Regarding special issues, for 2009, Prof. Vladimir Rakov (U. Florida) and Prof. F. Rachidi (TU Lausanne) are co-editing a Special Issue on Lightning. Thirteen Special Issue papers are in review. The issue is planned for May 2009, but will likely be delayed to August as not all reviews are completed as of March 10, 2009. For 2010, Prof. Erping Li (U. Singapore) and Joungho Kim (KAIST, South Korea) have proposed a special issue on PCB Packaging EMC. EMC in electronics design is a strong area of contribution from Asia, and China in particular. This would be a good opportunity to highlight research in this area. They are finalizing their proposal. For 2011, Dr. Wilson has received a tentative proposal from Prof. Agarwal (Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay, India) for a Special Issue on Power Electronics. Additionally, Elya Joffe has received interest from researchers in Region 9 on the same topic. He has encouraged all to put together a more detailed proposal. Dr. Wilson has begun putting the next EIC, Prof. Heyno Garbe, in the loop on correspondence related to long term issues, such as Special Issue planning. Dr. Wilson will soon assign him Managing Editor status and involve him in the production process. Dr. Hubing closed his report in noting improvements to the EMC Society website. In January 2009, the web site was 1.8 GB and contained 13,598 files. In the past few months, he has worked on cleaning up, organizing and updating the website. Next steps involve a new layout on a new server. Dr. Hubing showed sample websites from other IEEE Societies that may be used for the new EMC Society website “look”.


Colin and Bonnie Brench sampled the Southwest cuisine
at the buffet dinner held as part of the Phoenix EMC
Chapter meeting.
Harry Gaul (left), Phoenix Chapter Chair, thanks Bruce Archambeault for a great presentation at the March meeting.


Conference Services
Ghery Pettit presented his report for Vice-President of Conferences. The Board approved the following “no show” policy related to presenters at the annual IEEE EMC Symposium: The Symposium Committee is to notify the VP of Conferences within 14 days after the end of the symposium event of any ‘No Shows’ at Workshops and Tutorials. These ‘No Shows’ shall not be accepted for presentations of any sort for three years. The only exception to this policy will be for presenters who have had unavoidable conflicts arise and who have arranged for a substitute acceptable to the Workshops/Tutorials committee no less than 14 days prior to the start of the symposium. Registration fees paid shall not be refunded in such cases. Exception shall be dealt with on a case by case basis by the Symposium Chair then the VP for Conference if needed. The following steps shall be taken to ensure that authors and presenters are aware of this policy:

  • This policy shall be included in the “call for papers” and paper acceptance packets sent to authors.
  • This policy shall be published on the symposium web site.
  • This policy shall be published on the “Conferences” page of the IEEE EMC Society web site.

Workshop/Tutorial presenters shall be required to pre-register in the same manner as authors of papers. Mr. Pettit then discussed the use of the EMC Society logo by the Chapters. The Board approved having the EMC Society Logo Policy supplemented with and enforced through an MOU granting the right for use of the IEEE EMC Society logo by Chapters for Chapter-organized events. Mr. Pettit reported that Frank Sabath has accepted the position of Global Symposia Coordinator. His e-mail alias is GSC-EMC@ieee.org. Mr. Sabath is working on finding new Regional Conference Coordinators for Regions 8 and 10; Mr. Pettit is working on finding a new Regional Conference Coordinator for Region 9. Mr. Pettit advised that the Financial Assistance committee has moved from the VP Member Services to the VP Conference Services. Bob Hofmann continues to chair this committee. The following updates were given for IEEE EMC Symposia: EMC 2008: Chair Kimball Williams reports the final numbers are still being worked on; however, the income reported is $1,011K. Expenses are at $754K; the surplus is $257K (target was $202K). An audit is expected within 45 days. Mr. Williams noted there were 2,014 total registrations, 230 exhibitors, 143 technical papers, five special sessions and the total number of hotel room nights booked was 3,467. EMC 2009: Chair Dave Staggs reports that paper, workshop and tutorial submittals were very good with high numbers in all categories. Exhibit sales and sponsorships are down. The report includes financial information to date. For 2013, Mr. Pettit said neither Salt Lake City nor Denver is a feasible location due to the city and/or convention center having higher demands for space or room nights than is acceptable to the EMC Society. Bob Hofmann has suggested Chicago, but no proposal has been received to date. Right now, there is no solid venue for the 2013 EMC Symposium. Mr. Pettit’s presentation concluded with a listing of the global conferences for which the EMC Society is a technical co-sponsor. He noted he is working with Frank Sabath and Bob Scully to formalize the process for technical co-sponsorship of related EMC conferences as called out in Appendix F of the EMC-S Operations, Policy and Procedure Manual.


Board members Randy Jost (left) and Takeo Yoshino
participated in a long range planning exercise held following
the EMC Society Board of Directors meeting.
Board member Kimball Williams (left) and EMC Society President Elya Joffe compared notes during the Board’s strategic planning meeting.Board member Kimball Williams (left) and EMC Society President Elya Joffe compared notes during the Board’s strategic planning meeting.


Technical Services
Bob Scully, Vice President for Technical Services, presented his report. He reported on the challenges facing the Technical Services committees. The Board approved a second annual meeting for the Technical Activities Committee concurrent with the mid-year Board meeting. The Board approved membership in the IEEE Technical Committee/Task Force on RFID. Mr. Scully advised the Education and Student Activities Committee (ESAC) leadership is preparing for the upcoming symposium. Among the items being addressed are the student paper competition, the fundamentals tutorials, and the University grant program. On the fundamentals tutorial, the proposed topics and speakers submitted by Daryl Beetner has been accepted; these include: Introduction, D. Beetner (Missouri University of Science and Technology); Fundamentals of Electromagnetics, A. Marvin (University of York); Electric and Magnetic Coupling, E. Wheeler (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology); The Current Return Path, D. Beetner (Missouri University of Science and Technology); Controlling Radiation and Noise Coupling Mechanisms from PCBs, R. Leventhal (Elite Electronic Engineering) and Fundamentals of Numerical Methods in EMC, Q. Ye (Carleton University). Coordination is ongoing between the Global EMC University and the Fundamentals Tutorials committees. The Student Paper evaluation committee is ready to review the accepted student papers. Tom Jerse of the University Grant Program advised that four proposals were received and two grants will be issued in 2009 at the Austin symposium. The ESAC is working on developing a module for the IEEE Expert Now program. The committee is also working on a new ethics training and competition. Technical Activities Committee (TAC) Chair Bruce Archambeault reported on the papers for EMC 2009 in Austin. As of 12 March, the first round of paper reviews is complete. The Technical Committee Chairs have made their “accept or reject” decisions, and those decisions have been forwarded to the authors. The schedule required notification to authors by 14 March. Papers with required changes incorporated must be submitted by 31 March, or they will be dropped. The second review is scheduled for completion by 15 April, with final paper submittal by 1 May. Changes made to the paper review system from last year’s comments seem to be working well. Most of the changes were for the second round reviews, which have not started to date. Papers will be assigned into sessions during a special TAC meeting in May. Kimball Williams gave a short report on the IEEE Technology Management Council (TMC). The TMC provides information and services to IEEE members and the worldwide audience of practitioners and researchers engaged in the profession of engineering, technology, and innovation management. The committee is working on stabilizing its web site, building a group of distinguished lecturers, creating a “Stake Holders Report” for supporting Societies, and building a TMC Symposium “Kit” for Chapter use. The next meetings of the TMC are scheduled for July 24–26 in San Diego. Mr. Scully reported on the Representative Advisory Committee (RAC) and Standards Advisory and Coordination Committee (SACCom) reorganization. After evaluating the roles of the RAC and SACCom and what purpose each committee should serve, one possible solution is to merge RAC and SACCom into one group – the IEEE EMC Society Global Activity Interchange Committee (GAIC). This committee would be responsible for providing the technical liaison between the IEEE EMC-S Committees, IEEE Technology Policy Council (TPC) Committees, and various non-IEEE entities involved in EMC-related activities, inclusive of development of EMC standards. Mr. Scully noted an ad hoc committee will be formed to investigate the transformation of SACCom and the RAC into this single GAIC entity that would reside under the VP of Technical Services. Committee members will include John Norgard, Dick Ford, Don Heirman and Fred Heather.


Lending their expertise to the annual planning meeting were Board members (from left) Todd Hubing, Francesca Maradei, Mark Montrose, Andy Drozd and Don Heirman.

Strategic and Long
Range Planning

Elya Joffe presented an update on the LRP. His report included a breakdown of phases for the LRP, including: Phase I – Maintain and Update LRP Matrix; Phase II – Engage in Strategic Planning Brainstorming Session; and Phase III – Metrics for Evaluating Current Performance. The Board approved the ­following new mission and vision statements: Mission Statement – To foster the development and facilitate the exchange of scientific and technological knowledge in the discipline of electromagnetic environmental effects and EMC as detailed in the Society’s Field of Interest (FOI), and promote literary, educational and professional aspects thereof, that benefit members, the profession and humanity; Vision Statement – To be the recognized and respected global organization and leading provider of scientific and engineering information and services in the field of electromagnetic environmental effects and compatibility engineering, technology, and innovation for the betterment of Society and the preferred professional development source for our members and other practitioners of the Society’s Field of Interest. On the planning session for March 21, Mr. Joffe would like to approve/revise the strategic goals of the EMC-S. Then, the strategic goals will be broken down by various categories such as objectives, metrics, related barriers/mega issues, etc.

IEEE 125th Anniversary
Dan Hoolihan reported on plans to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the IEEE. One event will be a conference on the history of technical Societies that will be held August 5–7, 2009 in Philadelphia. The purpose of the 2009 conference is to explore the history of such Societies worldwide. Dan Hoolihan will attend this conference to give a short presentation on the history of the EMC Society. Additional information is available on the conference website: http://www.ieee.org/go/historyconference. The EMC Society has scheduled a special anniversary event on Thursday, May 21 to take place at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA following the Board meeting. Planning for this event is underway with Graham Kilshaw, chair of the Philadelphia EMC Chapter

Old/Unfinished Business
The following items were discussed under old business:
     Report from IT Planning Committee – Mr. Heather gave a presentation on the status of the symposium URL. The Board approved phasing out the use of the URL www.EMCYYYY.org by 2012 and phasing in the URL www.YYYY.ISEMC.org starting in 2010.
     Initiative of Spectrum Engineering in EMC-S Symposia – Andy Drozd reported that there will be a workshop on the topic of spectrum engineering at the EMC 2009 symposium in Austin.
     BoD Communications and Coordination – Kimball Williams presented a report on Board communications to address the need for a structured communications tool for the EMC Society. The goal is to develop a Board communications ‘RACI’ (responsible, approval, consult, inform), reference data in job descriptions, develop a data based/on-line RACI communications ‘Tool’ and release the ‘Tool’ for BoD use.
     Officer and BoD Job Descriptions/Duties – Kimball Williams distributed flash sticks to each Board member that contained the job descriptions. He asked people to contact him if there are any problems or corrections to the job descriptions.
     Committee Vacancies/Appointments – Mr. Joffe presented the open IEEE Representative Liaison Positions on the Representative Advisory Committee (RAC):

  • Liaison to the Social Implications of Technology Society Board of Governors
  • IEEE Women in Engineering Committee (WIEC)
  • Government Relations Council of IEEE-USA (GR)
  • Energy Policy Committee
  • Committee on Communications Policy
  • Committee on Transportation and Aerospace Technology Policy
  • Medical Technology Policy Committee
  • Research & Development Policy Committee
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection Committee
  • Representative to the Committee on Career and Workforce Policy, Intellectual
  • Property Committee, and the Government Affairs Committee (corresponding member)
    Schedule for 2009 Meetings – Mr. Joffe presented the schedule for the balance of Board meetings in 2009:
  • May 20–21, 2009 – Philadelphia, PA
  • August 16 and 20, 2009 – Austin, TX (Symposium)
  • November 12–14, 2009 – Huntsville, Alabama

New Business
The following items were discussed under new business:
     Report from FinCom – Andy Drozd summarized the lunchtime FinCom meeting wherein VPs reviewed ways to cut expenses from their respective budgets.
     Board Elections – Don Sweeney spoke about making improvements to the Board election process. He will seek comments from Board members and present a report at the May meeting.

Talk About
Elya reviewed activity from TAB related to a master IEEE Technical Activities DL database. He noted 33 of 45 Societies/Councils have a Distinguished Lecturer Program; of these, 22 participate in the TAB Distinguished Lecturer Database. The consensus of the Board was it’s a good idea to let all Societies know about each other’s DLs and for interested Societies to contact EMC-S DLs. However, the budget for sending DLs to non EMC-S organized events will need to be addressed.

Summary of Financial Impact
of Approved Motions

Andy Drozd presented a summary of the net financial impact of the motions presented during the meeting. The total budgeted for 2010 is $40,932.
     There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:15 pm.

Janet O’Neil
Secretary, EMC Society Board of Directors

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