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Janet O'Neil, Editor-in-Chief

Fall 2010 – Issue No. 227


cover photo credit: Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau

Letter from the Editor

President’s Message

Chapter Chatter

EMC Chapters Recognized at the 2010 IEEE EMC Annual Awards Luncheon

Sister Society Efforts of the EMC Society

Completed Careers

EMC Personality Profile

EMC Society History
EMC Society Newsletter Review – 50–25–10 Years Ago
Presidents of the IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society – Current Status
Historical EMC Articles – How do we best preserve them?

Practical Papers, Articles and Application Notes
Shielded Cables Transfer Impedance Measurement
EMI Failure Analysis Techniques III. Correlation Analysis

Book Review

Our Four New Distinguished Lecturers for 2011

Scenes from the 2010 IEEE International Symposium on EMC

EMC Annual Awards

EMC Standards Activity

iNARTE Activity at EMC 2010

Global EMC University (4th Edition) at EMC 2010

Education and Student Activities Committee (ESAC)

More Fun than Ohm’s Law Allows : Experiments & Demos at the Symposium


The Technology Management Council

EMC Society Board of Directors Meeting

Past Presidents of the EMC Society

The Youth Program Workshop in Fort Lauderdale, Florida



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