EMC Society Board
of Directors Meeting

The President’s Opening Remarks
President Maradei called the meeting to order at 9:00 am on July 25. A round of introductions was made. Board members present included H. Benitez, C. Brench, L. Cohen, R. Davis, A. Duffy, R. Ford, F. Heather, D. Heirman, D. Hoolihan, T. Hubing, E. Joffe, R. Jost, J. LaSalle, F. Maradei, A. Marvin, J. Norgard, M. Oliver, J. O’Neil, G. Pettit, R. Scully, V. Roje, K. Williams, and T. Yoshino. Members absent included W. Schaefer and Andre Pavas (Gold Member). Guests present included B. Archambeault, M. Bosley, H. Garbe, R. Hofmann, M. Montrose, S. Pignari, F. Sabath, and Q. Ye. Ms. Maradei reviewed Board meeting protocol, the IEEE code of ethics, and upcoming activities. Roger Sudbury, IEEE Division IV Director, gave a brief presentation on the IEEE organization. He noted that membership is increasing in IEEE and the overall outlook is positive. Membership growth is increasing in Asia such that the IEEE is opening an office in India. Regarding Global Outreach activity, Ms. Maradei noted she attended the Asia Pacific EMC (APEMC) conference in Beijing and then traveled to Shanghai to give a presentation at the inaugural EMC Chapter there. She visited the Seattle EMC Chapter in June and gave a presentation at the Chapter’s one day colloquium and exhibition. Finally, she will attend EMC Europe and the Poland Chapter meeting in Wroclaw in September. She will present at the Pittsburgh Chapter meeting in November and potentially at the new Nigeria Chapter this fall. Ms. Maradei then presented a summary of the recent activity at the IEEE TAB meeting in Montreal. The report included information on IEEE “Out of House” publishing and the issue of documents not being in the proper format for publication on Xplore. There will be a new charge of $500 for technically co-sponsored conferences that do not publish with IEEE on Xplore. TAB approved a maximum 75 words for the Field of Interest statement for all Societies. TAB approved the branding of non sponsored conference content on Xplore. New templates were provided for IEEE websites. The five year review of the EMC Society will take place during the IEEE TAB meeting series in Miami over February 15–20, 2011.


The EMC Society Board of Directors held a meeting on Sunday, July 25 for the first of two Board meetings planned for the symposium week. Board member Elya Joffe (left) of KTM Project Engineering enjoyed some musical moments in the exhibit hall. Jeff Silberberg of the FDA accompanied Elya for a jam session.

Consent Agenda Motions

The poster sessions attracted those who were interested in speaking one on one with the presenters, including Board member Mike Oliver (right) of MAJR Products.

The agenda was presented for review. The Board approved the consent agenda which included the August 2010 meeting agenda and the March 2010 Board meeting minutes. The approved March 2010 Board minutes will be posted to the EMC Society website. Secretary O’Neil provided a summary of e-motions made subsequent to the March 12, 2010 Board meeting and prior to the July 24, 2010 Board meeting. These included approval of the MoU Cooperation with CEM 2011, the 2011 01900 committee and other budget, and a loan of $50,000 to the EMC 2011 Symposium Committee.

Treasurer’s Report

John LaSalle presented a report the EMC Society finances. Regarding the 2010 budget through June 2010, operations are considered to be “normal” with a surplus of $147,600. The Society is tracking toward the budgeted net of $18,700. Committee expenditures are minimal, operating toward an approved budget of $255.4 k (deficit). Travel expenses were reviewed with the major expenses being the Distinguished Lecturer program and the Board AdCom operations. Under miscellaneous activity, he noted that the Board approved the $50k loan to the 2011 Symposium Committee (a transfer request was made to IEEE Conference Finance and deposited to the 2011 Concentration Bank Account on June 15, 2010); Angel funds approved included a payment to Dr. Jamal Shafii, Rock River Valley, North Central Illinois; Wong Tsz Ching Patrick, Hong Kong Chapter and the New England Chapter. The University Grant is in-process to Dr. Uma Balaji of Farmingdale State College. Mr. LaSalle discussed the second pass budget for 2011 in detail and concluded his report with a summary statement of the budget as of May 2010.



The symposium provided a great opportunity for reconnecting old friends with past and current Board members, including (from left) David Arnett of HP, Bob Johnk of the Institute for Telecommunication Sciences (NTIA/ITS), Elizabeth Scully, Dave and Barbara Staggs, Don Heirman of Don HEIRMAN Consultants, and Bob Scully of NASA.

Communication Services
Todd Hubing, Vice-President for Communication Services, presented his report. Newsletter Editor Janet O’Neil reported on Newsletter finances for the past two issues. The Spring 2010 issue of 92 pages cost $17,553 for the printing and mailing of 4,768 Newsletters. There were 18 advertisers in the issue that generated $24,822.96 in billed ad revenue, of which the EMC Society received a net of $13,663.63. The Winter 2010 issue of 96 pages cost $20,260 for the printing and mailing of 5,552 Newsletters (extras were ordered for distribution from the EMC Society membership booth at conferences earlier this year). There were 14 advertisers in the issue that generated $16,184.50 in billed ad revenue, of which the EMC Society received a net of $8,901. Ms. O’Neil attended the IEEE Panel of Editors meeting in New Jersey in April and met with IEEE personnel about outsourcing the composition of the EMC Newsletter outside IEEE. She attended the TAB meetings in Montreal in June to present Phase 1 of a proposal to transition the Newsletter to a Magazine. The proposal passed and she will present Phase 2 of the proposal at the TAB meetings in New Brunswick this November. If Phase 2 is approved, the new EMC Magazine will formally launch in 2012. The EMC Newsletter will cease production at that time. Ms. Maradei reported on the IEEE review of the Transactions on EMC conducted at the TAB meetings in Montreal this past June. In general, the review was positive as the Impact Factor (IF) has increased from 1.083 to 1.294 which is a significant increase. She summarized the recommendations for improvements to the Transactions on EMC. Professor Heyno Garbe, the Editor-in-Chief of the Transactions on EMC, will address these recommendations moving forward. Dick Ford volunteered to be a member of the committee that conducts the survey of members on their publishing needs. On the suggestion to publish six issues per year, Professor Garbe will look at this carefully and make a recommendation to the Board. Initially he is looking at six issues per year at fewer pages per issue. For example, currently there are four issues per year at some 250-300 pages each. He envisions six issues at some 150-200 pages each. This will expedite the publishing of papers; however, production costs will increase. He will look into this and report to the Board at the next meeting. Dan Hoolihan, Chair of the EMC Society’s History Committee, reported that several articles were submitted on historical stories and personalities for the Spring 2010 issue. Mr. Hoolihan attended his first meeting with the IEEE History Committee on March 7, 2010 in Newark, New Jersey. Preliminary discussions have been held with the EMC Society Awards Committee about revising the display of EMC Society Hall of Fame Award winners on the IEEE EMC Society web page. The goal is to make it more of a “virtual museum” with the winners’ pictures, certificates, and achievements. Work continues on defining which EMC Society historical documents should be targeted for digitization in 2010. The primary goal is to digitize the EMC Society Newsletters. Additional suggestions are welcomed from members of the Board of Directors. Mr. Hubing talked about improvements to the EMC Society website. In the past few months, he has worked on cleaning up, organizing and updating the website. Any comments on the website should be sent to Professor Hubing. Lastly, Ray Perez, Chair of the IEEE Press committee, reviewed his ideas to formalize a process for reviewing and accepting/rejecting proposed books to be published under the IEEE Press banner. Currently there are no guidelines for this process.

Technical Services
Bob Scully, Vice-President for Technical Services, presented his report. The number of student papers submitted was the highest ever at 33 papers. For EMC 2010, the total number of papers submitted was 163, with 131 accepted, 20 rejected, and seven withdrawn. Bruce Archambeault, Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Chair, reported on the activities of his committee. A TAC meeting was held on 17–18 May 2010 at the Naval Research Lab and was hosted by Larry Cohen. During this meeting, the accepted papers for EMC 2010 were assigned into sessions. Of the papers submitted, TC2 (EMC Measurements) had the highest number of papers accepted at 31 papers; TC4 (EMI Control) accepted 22 papers; TC9 (Computational EMC) accepted 16 papers and TC10 (Signal Integrity) accepted 11 papers. Dr. Archambeault noted 34 papers were submitted for special sessions, 19 papers were submitted for posters (plus an additional 16 posters by BoD members), and 17 workshop/tutorials were approved. Clear Technical Committee (TC) policies and procedures are still not available to TAC; Dr. Archambeault will elaborate on this further at the Thursday evening Board meeting. Kimball Williams, the EMC Society Liaison to the Society on the Social Implications of Technology (SSIT), presented a report on the history and current activity of the SSIT. He noted the SSIT provides a forum where people from many disciplines can come together to discuss wide-ranging topics about technology and society. The SSIT focuses on the impact of technology (as embodied by the fields of interest of IEEE) on society, including both positive and negative effects; the impact of society on the engineering profession; on the history of the societal aspects of electrotechnology; and professional, social and economic responsibility in the practice of engineering and its related technology. The SSIT currently has about 2,000 members worldwide. It publishes the Technology and Society Magazine, and sponsors a periodic conference. Currently, the SSIT is active in Humanitarian Technology, Smart Grid, Plug-in Electric Vehicles, and Green Engineering. Mr. Williams concluded his report by noting that the SSIT receives an increasing proportion of its revenues from its share of charges that libraries and other institutional users pay for receiving print and electronic publications from IEEE. However, changes recently made in the way this income is allocated within IEEE threaten to reduce SSIT’s revenues to the point that its fiscal stability may be in doubt in the future. The Board should be aware of this development.


Kimball Williams (far left) of Denso International America stopped by the ANSI ASC C63® booth to say hello to Don Heirman and Bridgett Hoolihan. In the EMC Society membership booth nearby, EMC Society Founder
Milton Kant (in rear) looks on.
EMC Society Treasurer John LaSalle of Northrop Grumman brought his wife Diane and son Ryan to the 2010 IEEE International Symposium on EMC in Fort Lauderdale.

Member Services Report

(From left) EMC Society President Francesca Maradei of the University of Rome “La Sapienza” joined Board members Vesna Roje of the University of Split in Croatia and Janet O’Neil of ETS-Lindgren at the symposium Gala event in Fort Lauderdale.
Board member Ghery Pettit of Intel also enjoyed the symposium Gala, along with his wife Marilyn and a friendly pirate.

Bob Davis, Vice-President for Member Services, presented his report. He would like to see a Sections Coordinator position created to improve the relationship between the Society and the Society Chapters with the Sections. This person would help coordinate our local activities with the Sections and could serve as our EMC Society representative to the Sections Congress, if so designated by the VP for Member Services and the President. The Board approved the establishment of a Section Coordinator position under the VP for Member Services and the appointment of Henry Benitez as the new Sections Coordinator. On the EMC Society “Sister Society” committee, Mr. Davis noted the Sister Society coordinator, Chuck Bunting, would like to send draft agreements to potential candidates for sister societies. He presented a Sister Society Agreement (SSA) that would need to be filled in with the candidate society’s information and particular details. This document would serve as the platform for discussions in negotiating implementation details. The Board approved the use of the “Draft SSA Main Agreement” as the basis for discussion with candidate sister societies, retaining the “Draft” designation until preparation for a motion for full approval granting Sister Society Status. Next, Dr. Archambeault asked the Board to review and approve four new DL candidates for a two year term beginning January 1, 2011. The Board approved Chuck Bunting, Wen-Yan Yin, Jerry Ramie and Jerry Meyerhoff as Distinguished Lecturers for 2011–2012. The DLs for 2010–2011 include Dr. Giulio Antonini, Mark Steffka, and Dr. Omar Ramahi. From the DL surveys, approximately 39% of the meeting attendees are IEEE members, approximately 17% are EMC Society members and 91% of the attendees claim to be technical. When asked how often the person attends a chapter meeting, 45% responded that the DL meeting was their first meeting attended while 30% responded that they rarely attend chapter meetings. Dr. Archambeault noted four Respected Speaker Bureau (RSB) talks have been presented in 2010. The current speaker list includes Colin Brench, Alistair Duffy, Jim Drewniak, Tzong-Lin Wu, Cheung-Wei Lam, Eric Bogatin, Werner Schaefer, David Pommerenke, Bruce Archambeault, Elya B. Joffe, Jun Fan and Chris Holloway. Next, Membership Coordinator Colin Brench advised 22 members have been elevated from member to senior member this year to date. Current membership is at 3,797 (without affiliates); this is a decline of 27 members or 0.7% since this time last year. EMC Society Student membership is down 15.45% from this time last year to 66 student members. There still remain issues with the database, which is currently affecting the Completed Careers Committee from identifying if deceased individuals were IEEE EMC Society members. Bruce Archambeault then reported on Awards. Photos for the major award recipients have been collected and will be seen as posters in the registration area. Don Heirman reported on the “Completed Careers” committee (CCC) activity. Doug Robertson was honored in the Spring 2010 EMC Newsletter. The CCC continues to process the EMC Society major contributors that have passed away. They are looking for new CCC members that can be active. A letter of condolence along with three copies of the Winter 2010 EMC Newsletter were sent to the widow of Ralph Calcavecchio who was profiled in that issue. Frank Sabath provided a detailed report for Region 8. Currently there are 1,225 active members (87 less than his last report); 124 members are in arears (e.g. member who has not paid the membership fee) and there are 124 inactive members. Within 17 sections there are 12 EMC Chapters and six joint/EMC Chapters. An analysis of active member distribution shows that six sections (Denmark, Greece, Iran, Nigeria, Serbia and Montenegro) have enough active members to form an EMC chapter. Dr. Sabath plans to send an email to the chairs of these sections in order to get their support for the formation of a new EMC Chapter. Maria Alejandra Mora reports that since her last membership report, EMC Society membership in Region 9 has been stable, with a slight increase in South Brazil, Argentina, and Venezuela. The top five sections in Region 9 include the largest being South Brazil, followed by Argentina, Columbia, Mexico and Venezuela. The goal is to create EMC Chapters in Mexico and Venezuela; however, it has been difficult to work with the Section’s chairs, as they don’t respond to e-mail. Takeo Yoshino reported on Region 10 activity. He attended the Asia-Pacific EMC Week held April 12–16 in Beijing, China. The IEEE China Section, IEEE EMC and MTT Societies were co-sponsors of the symposium. The scale of this symposium was similar to our usual IEEE EMC Society International Symposium with approximately 500 attendees. He manned the IEEE EMC Society membership booth and received over 50 membership applications. Over a 100 students visited our booth, however, he doesn’t expect more than 5 - 10% of the applications will result in new EMC Society members due to financial constraints. EMC Newsletters and EMC 2010 Symposium information were distributed from the membership booth. Professor Yoshino also attended the 4th Pan Pacific EMC Joint Meeting (PPEMC’10) held May 27–28 at the Cyberscience Center of Tohoku University, in Sendai, Japan. He staffed the EMC Society membership booth and reported receiving three membership applications from Taiwanese and Malaysian students. There were 190 attendees at this conference. For future activity, Professor Yoshino will work to increase membership in the new highly industrialized developing countries in Region 10. He would like to establish new chapters in Australia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Nepal, New Zealand and North Korea. He plans to work with Mr. Davis in developing a strategy to increase membership in China. Next, Chapter Coordinator Sergio Pignari reported there are now 73 chapters. The top regions for chapters include Regions 1–6 with 33 Chapters, Region 8 with 20 Chapters, and Region 10 with 13 Chapters. He has completed a review and update of the Chapter Chair Directory. A Chapter Chair training session with dinner will be held on Monday, July 26. The Chapter awards will be presented as announced at the March Board meeting. Kimball Williams then presented a report on PACE. He advised a significant lesson learned from the most recent economic climate upheaval is that a continuing focus must be set on the factors affecting employment, career transition planning and student professional awareness. He noted at this symposium there will be a new ‘Job Fair’. Special notice and thanks should be directed to John Wyncott who has launched this significant expansion of the initial Austin EMC 2009 experiment. It is important to note that the evolving set of “Leadership” lectures sponsored by TC 1, which drew strong support in Austin at EMC 2009, and is expanded at EMC 2010, focuses on the ‘Soft Skills’ that relate directly to the PACE objectives of Ethics, Professional Awareness and Career transition planning. Mr. Davis noted he is having trouble communicating with Andre Pavas, the GOLD representative to the Board.

Conference Services
Ghery Pettit, Vice-President for Conferences, presented his report. He reported briefly on EMC 2010 in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He then presented several motions related to future symposium locations. The Board approved holding the 2014 IEEE International Symposium on EMC in Raleigh, NC, the 2015 IEEE International Symposium on EMC in Dresden, Germany, and the 2016 IEEE International Symposium on EMC in Ottawa, Canada. Mr. Pettit then discussed the greater Washington, DC area as the location for the 2015 IEEE National Symposium on EMC. The result of discussion was to delay voting on this location until more information could be provided.

Past President Report
Elya Joffe presented his report. He reviewed the process and required documentation for presenting motions to the Board. He then presented several motions. The Board approved the motions on Elections and Electioneering; on the Correction of Committees Structure in EMC Society Bylaws, on the Correction of Committees Structure in EMC Society Policies and Procedures; and the Amendment of the EMC Society Field of Interest to reflect grammatical corrections.

New Business
Ms. Maradei presented a tentative list of Board meeting locations and dates for 2011. There are only three Board meetings scheduled for 2011 to take into account the last meeting of the year being held in Rome, Italy.

Suspension of Meeting
Ms. Maradei suspended the meeting at 5:00 pm. The meeting will continue on Thursday evening, July 29 at 6:00 pm.

Continuation of Board Meeting
on July 29, 2010, 6:00 pm
Board members present included: H. Benitez, C. Brench, L. Cohen, R. Davis, R. Ford, F. Heather, D. Heirman, D. Hoolihan, T. Hubing, E. Joffe, R. Jost, J. LaSalle, F. Maradei, A. Marvin, J. Norgard, J. O’Neil, G. Pettit, R. Scully, K. Williams, and T. Yoshino. Guests presented included: F. Sabath, E. Li, M. Bosley, B. Archambeault, D. Arnett, K. Phipps, R. Hofmann, B. Brench, K. Phipps, J. Maas, R. Adams, S. Pignari, and H. Garbe. Members absent included: W. Schaefer, M. Oliver, A. Duffy, and A. Pavas.


Bob Davis (standing) of Lockheed is shown giving his report
at the second meeting of the EMC Society Board of Directors
on July 29 in Fort Lauderdale.
The second Board meeting on Thursday evening, July 29, allowed up to date reporting on activity during the symposium week.

Standards Services
John Norgard, Vice-President for Standards Services, presented his report. From SDCom, this includes activity from Chair Andy Drozd, on SACCom from Chair Werner Schaefer and on SETCom from Chair Qiubo Ye. There was considerable activity related to the Smart Grid. SETCom is currently preparing a tutorial on this topic for EMC 2011. The committee holds bi-monthly telecom meetings. Don Heirman then elaborated on the Smart Grid and general Standards related activity during the symposium week.

Technical Services
Bob Scully, Vice-President for Technical Services, reported on activity during the symposium week. He noted that ESAC will be focusing on a clearer vision of EMC curriculum for the Global EMC University, Academy and ESAC Fundamentals workshop. Mr. Scully then spoke about two new awards: an award for continuing EMC engineering education and an award for an outstanding EMC engineer educator. This would be a bi-annual award with the two awards presented on alternating years. Elya Joffe discussed a new EMC Society student ethics competition. The Board approved the proposal for the EMC Society Student Ethics Competition (SEC) effective in 2011, contingent upon a budget of $800 being available. Mr. Scully then advised Larry Cohen is stepping down as the secretary of ESAC. He will be replaced by Bogdan Adamczyk of Grand Valley State University.

Member Services
Bob Davis, Vice-President for Member Services, talked about chapter development and member recruitment. He addressed the China growth initiative. He would like to publish a membership article in a Chinese EMC magazine. He noted there are two IEEE offices in Asia – Singapore and Beijing – that he will contact to solicit assistance in promoting EMC Society membership. He would like to have an EMC Society membership booth at the Shanghai EMC conference in November. Takeo Yoshino is available to attend and staff a membership booth.

Conference Services
Ghery Pettit, Vice-President for Conference Services, discussed the IEEE EMC Symposium in Washington DC in 2015. Since there were still questions from the Board on the dates for this symposium, it was agreed to delay discussion until the November Board meeting. Fred Heather then provided a summary of activity at EMC 2010. He showed a presentation given at the wrap up meeting held earlier that afternoon. Attendance totaled 1,701. He will email his summary report to the Board. Janet O’Neil briefly spoke about the exhibitor’s breakfast held that morning. In general, the exhibitors noted they prefer a host hotel for the symposium so they can easily meet with their customers. There was a complaint about the exhibit hall layout and points system not being used to assign space. Another complaint involved the serving of alcohol in the exhibit area. The exhibitors continue to ask if there can be exhibit hours that do not compete with the technical program. The Board approved the service of alcoholic beverages by exhibitors in the exhibit hall provided this is pre-approved by the Board of Directors. Mr. Pettit then talked about technical co-sponsorship and the timeline to implement this for non EMC Society organized conferences. The committee reviewing this process includes Francesca Maradei, Bruce Archambeault, Frank Sabath, Bob Scully, and Ghery Pettit. There are basically two types of agreements – those made with conferences with which we have had a long-standing relationship and those made on a case-by-case basis. Frank Sabath, Region 8 Coordinator, will develop a form for requesting technical co-sponsorship. This must be completed in full to provide TAC with the necessary information to evaluate the level of effort needed to support, or to deny support. TAC will determine the level of support based upon their evaluation of the work required. Mr. Sabath noted that there are three applications for technical co-sponsorships waiting to be reviewed. Mr. Pettit advised that the IEEE has currently put all requests for technical co-sponsorships on hold.


(From left) Board member Bob Davis, VP for Member Services, stops
by the EMC Society Membership booth to visit with Denise Hall and
Bob Dockey who ably staffed the booth and recruited several new
Board member Vesna Roje visits with David Britton of Hewlett-Packard during the welcome reception which began in the exhibit hall.

Strategic Planning Update
Francesca Maradei discussed the long range versus strategic planning process. She presented a table that summarizes what has been completed and what items require attention. The VPs were challenged to address and complete one goal in 2011. She would like to see the document completed and ready for review at the November 2010 Board meeting.

Unfinished Business
Dick Ford talked about his archive of photos collected during his years as the EMC Society photographer. The Board approved increasing the budget to digitize the photos in Mr. Ford’s photo archive


New Business
The following items were discussed under New Business:

E-Membership – Francesca Maradei discussed the IEEE project to increase membership in developing countries where the GDP/Capita is less than $15,000 USD. Electronic or E-Membership is proposed for $50 annually. Print copies of IEEE magazines and journals will not be provided for e-members. The IEEE would like to see Societies develop their own models for e-membership.

TAC Forum – Bruce Archambeault noted that Jun Fan has developed a TAC Forum for improving communication within TAC. Documents can be posted, mass email blasts can be distributed, dialogue on an issue shared, etc. See www.ieee emc-center.org for more information.


Proposal for Future Co-Sponsorship of the APEMC Week 2012 – Erping Li presented ideas for discussion of combining the APEMC conference and the IEEE EMC Symposium to have one conference in Asia.

Summary of Financial Impact of Approved Motions – Ms. Maradei noted this total amounted to $1,800 for the two motions approved at the July 29 meeting.

EMC 2010 – Technical Material Distribution - Fred Heather led a discussion on having a CD of the symposium records available for download via an FTP site versus sending the CD via regular mail as in the past. This would save considerable money. Fred will lead a discussion on this and propose a motion in the next few months.

Action Item Review

Secretary O’Neil recounted the new action items assigned during the Fort Lauderdale meetings and reviewed the status of the action items from previous meetings. The updated consolidated list of action items will be distributed following the meeting.

Ms. Maradei adjourned the meeting at 10:00 pm.
Submitted by:

Janet O’Neil
Secretary, EMC Society Board of Directors


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