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This year at the EMC 2009 Symposium in Austin, iNARTE introduced a number of new programs and initiatives. We were invited to attend both the EMC Society Board of Directors meeting and the Education and Student Activities Committee meeting, where we presented iNARTE’s new Associate Certification programs for recent graduates intending to build a career in EMC, ESD or Product Safety Engineering.
     This new program will enable young engineers and technicians with suitable knowledge and skills to become recognized by iNARTE upon graduation from an iNARTE Accredited University, School or Institute. Associate Certification is available to graduates who achieve a high GPA and who are endorsed by a senior member of the faculty. This credential enables new graduates to enter the work force and build their career, while enjoying the advantages of iNARTE membership as they accumulate experience toward full Certification. Graduates from other curricula may also apply for this credential, but an iNARTE short form examination will then be required.


Dr. Kelvin Erickson, Chairman, Electrical & Computer Engineering, iNARTE Executive Director Brian Lawrence,
Dr. Richard DuBroff, Director, Center for EMC Studies, and Dr. Robert Schwartz, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
(from left) attended the certification ceremony of the first US University to be accredited by iNARTE – the Missouri
University of Science and Technology.

     iNARTE requested the EMC Society to consider enhancing the attraction of our Associate programs by offering Society benefits to any iNARTE Associate Engineer or Technician seeking to participate in the EMC Society activities. We are happy to report that this iNARTE initiative was very well received by the EMC Society Board of Directors, who, at their second meeting in Austin, approved a motion to offer all iNARTE Associates a one year free membership in the EMC Society.
     iNARTE is currently seeking applications from Universities and Training Institutes who offer EMC, ESD or Product Safety Engineering courses, and who wish to become iNARTE Accredited. Accreditation would enable their graduates to join the iNARTE program. The first two Universities to apply and become accredited were both iNARTE regional partners in China, SEU in Nanjing and BUPT in Beijing. The first US University to join these ranks is the Missouri University of Science and Technology, where Richard DuBroff, the Director for EMC Studies, accepted the iNARTE Certificate on behalf of the University.
     More recently an application from Clemson has also been received and approved, but the Certification ceremony there has not yet been scheduled.
     The other new Certification program that was launched during the Austin symposium was iNARTE Certified Laboratory Auditor, iNCLA. This new program is intended to validate the special skills required in order to be a well qualified internal auditor for a Test or Certification Laboratory. The auditor has responsibility to prepare the laboratory for assessment to ISO/IEC 17025, then to subsequently manage the quality program in accordance with these requirements to maintain accreditation. The program is intended for auditors and quality managers at all laboratories, regardless of technical specialty.


Bill Hurst, P.E., Chief, Technical Research Branch of the Federal Communications Commission, addresses attendees at the C63.10 workshop held at Underwriters Laboratories, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.
Brian Lawrence together with Bill Hirt, Chief Assessor for
ACLASS, introduce EMC 2009 workshop attendees
to the new iNCLA program.

     Our partner in the development of this program was the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board, (ACLASS). ACLASS and iNARTE will coooperate in organizing dedicated training and examination workshops for this program. The very first iNCLA examination was given during the iNARTE examination day at the Austin symposium. Since Austin, there have been two additional iNCLA training and credentialing workshops, one in Virginia and another in Toronto, Canada. The dates for two similar workshops in 2010 have been established and this information will soon be available on the iNARTE website,

Save the Date!
The following iNARTE events will take place during the 2010 IEEE International Symposium on EMC in Fort Lauderdale, Florida:

July 26, 2010
iNARTE Exam Prep Workshop

July 30, 2010

For more information:

     On display at the iNARTE exhibition booth and in the registration areas were pamphlets and schedules for the iNARTE fall program of Training and Professional Development workshops, which included a two day introduction to the new ANSI C63.10 standard for testing compliance of a wide variety of unlicensed wireless devices, and a two day workshop on High Power Electromagnetic HEMP Threats.

     Professional Development Training through workshops such as these are another new iNARTE initiative begun in 2009, and will be a continuing service to the disciplines that we serve. Several more workshops are in our program for 2010, including a repetition of the ANSI C63.10 presentation.

     These workshop presentations are intended for practitioners in the iNARTE areas who desire to build their knowledge base in order to enhance career opportunities. iNARTE has formed a group of Education Advisory Committees to recommend subject matter, location and timing of our training programs, which in the future will also include non technical subjects such as small business development, proposal and specification writing, and ethics in engineering.
     Regular visits to the iNARTE website are essential in order to see when and where subjects of individual interest are being featured.                                                                                                                                                                                  EMC

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