EMC Society Newsletter Review –
50, 25, and 10 Years Ago

50-Years Ago – Institute of Radio Engineers – Professional Group on Radio Frequency
Interference (PGRFI) Newsletter, Number 7, October – 1959

This Newsletter was missing from the hard-copy records of the EMC Society Historian and from the microfiche records of the EMC Society. If any of our members has a copy of this Newsletter of the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE) Professional Group on Radio Frequency Interference (PGRFI), the EMC Society Historian would gratefully accept a copy of it. Also, see the above article to the History section of this issue of the Newsletter for more information.

25 Years Ago – IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society Newsletter,
Issue No. 123, Fall – 1984

The cover story was concerned with the “1985 IEEE-EMC Regicon in Los Angeles.” The Los Angeles Chapter, in cooperation with the San Diego and Orange County Chapters of the IEEE EMC Society, was announcing a one-day seminar on 23 January 1985 at the Los Angeles Hilton. Two parallel sessions were being proposed; one on “Military EMC” and one on “Commercial and Consumer Products EMC.”
     Chapter Chatter, by Charles F. W. Anderson, included inputs from EMC Society Chapters in Central New England, Chicago, Israel, Littleton (Colorado), Los Angeles, New Jersey, and Tokyo.
     The Board of Directors Election Ballot of the IEEE EMC Society was concluded on August 3, 1984. Candidates elected for a three-year term beginning 1 January 1985 included: B. Leonard “Len” Carlson, Donald E. Clark, Robert L. Haislmaier, George Kunkel, Chester “Chet” L. Smith, and Charlotte R. Tyson.
     Stuart Lawrence Bailey, a founding member of the Professional Group on Radio Frequency Interference, passed away on August 11, 1984. He was a Past President of the Institute of Radio Engineers. He cofounded Jansky and Bailey with C. M. Jansky, Jr. in 1930 and was president of that firm from 1953 to 1959 when it was acquired by Atlantic Research Corporation. Mr. Bailey was a native of Minnesota (born in 1905) and a 1927 graduate of the University of Minnesota where he earned a master’s degree in electrical engineering a year later.

10 Years Ago – IEEE EMC Society Newsletter, Issue No. 183, Fall – 1999
The cover story was about the 1999 IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility held August 2–6 in Seattle, Washington. Bill Gjertson was the chair of the Symposium. Moto Kanda received the Laurence G. Cumming Award at the Symposium.
     An article by Kevin Goldsmith on “Reverberation Chambers – What are They?” was a highlight of the Newsletter.
     Professor Takeo Yoshino was featured in the Personality Profile in the Newsletter.
     Members of the IEEE EMC Society Board of Directors elected for a three-year term beginning 1 January 2000 included Lawrence S. Cohen, Andrew L. Drozd, Fred Heather, Motohisa (Moto) Kanda, Jose Perini, and Andrew Stan Podgorski.

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