The Tenth Most Referenced Transactions
Paper of the EMC Society

This is the tenth and final paper we will be re-publishing as part of the EMC Society’s History. This project started with the 50th Anniversary of the EMC Society back in 2007. There have been nine reproductions of the “Most Referenced Transactions Papers of the EMC Society” and in this issue, we are pleased to present the tenth most-referenced paper. The publishing of these papers is a continuation of the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the EMC Society of the IEEE (1957–2007). The papers were originally published in the IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility.
     In the nine previous Newsletters, we published the first nine most-referenced papers, which are respectively:
1)   “Transient Response of Multiconductor Transmission
      Lines Excited by a Nonuniform Electromagnetic Field;”
      EMC-22, No. 2, May – 1980, Page 119 by A. K. Agrawal,
      H. J. Price, and S. H. Gurbaxani.
2)  “Absorbing Boundary Conditions for the Finite-Difference
      Approximation of the Time-Domain Electromagnetic Field
      Equations;” EMC-23, No. 4, November – 1981, Page
      377–382 by Gerrit Mur.
3)  “Generation of Standard Electromagnetic Fields Using TEM
      Transmission Cells;” EMC-16, No. 4, November – 1974,
      Pages 189–195 by Myron (Mike) L. Crawford.
4)  “Frequency Response of Multiconductor Transmission
      Lines Illuminated by an Electromagnetic Field,” EMC-18,

      No. 4, November – 1976, Pages 183–190 by Clayton R.
5)  “Statistical Model for a Mode-Stirred Chamber,” EMC-33,
      No. 4, November – 1991, Pages 366–370 by Joseph G.
      Kostas and Bill Boverie.
6)  “Correction of Maxwell’s Equations for Signals I,” EMC-
      28, No. 4, November –1986, Pages 250–258 by Henning
7)  “Aperture Excitation of Electrically Large, Lossy Cavities,”
      EMC-36, No. 3, August – 1994, Pages 169–178 by David
      A. Hill, Mark T. Ma, Arthur R. Ondrejka, Bill F. Riddle,
      Myron L. Crawford, and Robert T. Johnk.
8)  “Plane Wave Integral Representation for Fields in
      Reverberation Chambers,” Volume 40, No. 3, August –
      1998, Pages 209–217 by David A. Hill.
9)  “Electronic Mode Stirring for Reverberation Chambers,”
      Volume 36, No. 4, November – 1994, Pages 294–299 by
      David A. Hill.
     In this issue, we are publishing the Tenth Most-Referenced EMC Society Transactions paper of the first fifty years of the EMC Society. The paper is titled, “Calculation of Site Attenuation from Antenna Factors.” The paper was written by Albert A. Smith, Jr., Robert “Bob” F. German, and J.B. “Barry” Pate. It was published in Volume EMC-24, No. 3, in August of 1982.

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