EMC Society Board of Directors Meeting

The President’s Opening Remarks
The meeting was called to order at 9:07 am. Elya Joffe, President, welcomed all guests. A round of introductions was made. Board members present included H. Benitez, C. Brench, R. Davis, A. Drozd, R. Ford, R. Goldblum, F. Heather, D. Heirman, T. Hubing, E. Joffe, R. Jost, J. LaSalle, F. Maradei, J. Norgard, J. O’Neil, G. Pettit, W. Schaefer, R. Scully, D. Staggs, D. Sweeney, K. Williams, and T. Yoshino. No Board members were absent. Guests present included B. Archambeault, P. Duxbury, B. Lawrence, K. Lawrence,
D. Lewis, L. Matrinich, M. Montrose, W. Sommerville, and Q. Yi. President Joffe reviewed Board meeting protocol, the IEEE code of ethics, and upcoming activities. Mr. Joffe reviewed the activity of the Excom meeting held the previous evening. The meeting addressed administrative points including the agenda review, motions to be presented, etc. All items discussed are included on the meeting agenda. He noted that there is a new EMC chapter in South Africa. Under the IEEE TAB report, Mr. Joffe discussed the MOU policy for technically co-sponsored symposia. These must be submitted to IEEE HQ prior to approval and listing, even when there is no financial involvement.

Consent Agenda Motions
The agenda was presented for review. The consent agenda included: Approval of the August 2009 meeting agenda, approval of the May 2009 Board meeting minutes, approval of the Treasurer’s report, and approval of Technical Co-Sponsorship of EMC Europe 2010 in Wroclaw, Poland. The Treasurer’s Report was removed from the consent agenda. The Board approved the consent agenda as modified. The approved May 2009 Board minutes will be posted to the EMC Society website.

Global Outreach Activities
Mr. Joffe gave a presentation on the outreach events at recent EMC conferences. This involved visits to EMC Chapters and IEEE Sections in Region 10, including Australia and St. Petersburg in June, Kyoto in July, and future visits to Hyderabad in September, and South Africa in October. Mr. Joffe visited Australia with Takeo Yoshino and together they gave several presentations. Mr. Joffe attended the St. Petersburg conference and noted there were violations made to the MOU the EMC-S negotiated with the conference organizing committee. Mr. Joffe advised that the Kyoto conference was excellent. Francesca Maradei, Todd Hubing, and Takeo Yoshino joined Mr. Joffe in Kyoto. Mr. Joffe will attend the September EMC chapter meeting in Hyderabad and the inaugural new chapter meeting in South Africa in October. A visit to Argentina is planned for 2010.


Board member Takeo Yoshino (center) of the UEC Historical Museum, University Electro Communications, visits with Ryuji Koga (left) of Okayama University and Shuichi Nitta of Salesiar Polytechnic. The EMC Society Membership booth at EMC 2009 was staffed by several Board members, including Don Sweeney of DLS Electronic Systems.


Treasurer’s Report
John LaSalle presented his report. Topics covered include the 2009 Operations Overview - Financial Position, 2009 EMC-S Projection, and Travel Expense Status. Mr. LaSalle reviewed the 2010 2nd Pass Budget Development, Miscellaneous Items [2008 Chapter of the Year (funds not received), the Disaster Relief Committee, the 2008 EMC-S Host Chapter Surplus Disbursement], and Newsletter Income Source(s). The latest available 2009 IEEE financials are for the period ending in July 2009. Operations are considered to be “normal” with a surplus of $267.4k. The high surplus is due to early income associated with the symposium. The Society is tracking toward the budgeted $27.7k net deficit.

President-Elect Report
Francesca Maradei presented her report which included a review of the Kyoto conference and the 2009 EMC Europe Workshop on “Materials in EMC Applications” in Athens, Greece, 11–12 June. She also reviewed the schedule of Board meetings for 2010. On outreach activities, Ms. Maradei discussed continuing her outreach efforts to the global EMC community and Chapters as President-elect and President.

Gold Report
Will Sommerville reported on IEEE GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) activities. He profiled IEEE student membership and the decline in membership numbers. The goal of GOLD is to recruit young members, maintain the membership of young members, and develop future leaders. GOLD has 140+ local affinity groups around the world. His presentation showed that 76.0% of IEEE members renew each year and 46.9% of student members renew each year. IEEE Societies lost 14.2% of student membership last year. The EMC-S is better than the Society average with just a 3% drop last year.

Past President and
Finance Committee Report

Past President Andy Drozd presented his report which included several motions. Mr. Drozd reported on a new elections tool IEEE uses called “Vote Net”. The goal is to increase the number of ballots returned and accelerate deployment of the ballots. The projected savings in moving from a paper to electronic ballot are estimated to be $1 per member. An option for paper ballots will be given to members. The Board approved a new policy to allow for both paper and online/electronic balloting during the annual BoD election cycle. The Board also approved removing term limits for the secretary and treasurer positions.

Standards Services
John Norgard, Vice-President for Standards, presented his report. He noted Standards activity covers three major areas: The Standards Education and Training Committee (SETCom), the Standards Advisory and Coordination Committee (SACCom), and the Standards Development Committee (SDCom). The SETCom Chair is Qiubo Ye, the Vice-Chairman is Professor Johan Catrysse and the Secretary is Jinliang He. On SACCom, Chair Erik Bergstrom and Secretary Dave Guzman have resigned from their respective positions. The SDCom chair is Andy Drozd, Colin Brench is Vice-Chairman and Ed Hare is Secretary. The Board approved the appointment of Werner Schafer as SACCom Chair. Don Heirman advised he would support Mr Schaefer as Secretary. Qiubo Yi reported on SETCom activities. This included information on the new EMC Standards booth, a first time effort for the Standards committee, articles written for the EMC Newsletter, the Standards Workshop to take place at the Symposium (co-chaired by Qiubo Yi and Johan Catrysse), and suggestions for improving the submittal process of large files for EMC symposium papers. Mr. Norgard showed the schedule for the SDCom, RAC/SACCom luncheon, and SETCom meetings that will take place during the symposium week. He invited Board members to attend.


Board member Don Heirman (left) of Don HEIRMAN Consultants visited the technical exhibition at EMC 2009.
He stopped by the Underwriters Laboratories booth to
catch up with Matt Marotto (second from right) and
Bob DeLisi (far right).

EMC Society President-elect Francesca Maradei from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” promoted global
outreach during her meeting with Edgardo Marchi (left)
and Edmundo Gatti of INTI in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Member Services Report
Bob Davis, Vice-President for Member Services, presented his report. Mr. Davis introduced Andy Drozd who spoke about the GOLD program. The Board approved the creation of a GOLD representative position on the Board of Directors with a per trip expense not to exceed $2,000. The Board then approved the appointment of Andre Pavas as the GOLD representative to the Board. On membership, Colin Brench noted that the current total for EMC Society membership is 3904 total members through July 9. No progress is reported from the IEEE regarding re-establishing the date members have joined the EMC Society. Fred Heather reported a new membership survey has been developed for 2009 and will be distributed at the symposium. Lee Hill next reported on awards. All major award winners have been notified. Plaques and certificates have been ordered with IEEE. The brother of Fred Haber (President’s Memorial Award) will attend the Symposium. Regarding near term planning, the Awards Committee will notify the Baker Award contact person, Perry Wilson, and confirm that a motion for the EMC-S to provide co-sponsorship without monetary support was passed at the May EMC-S Board meeting. The Awards Committee will provide a recommendation for the November Board meeting on the proposed Honorary EMC Society Life Membership Award. Bob Davis reported on the “Completed Careers” committee activity. Don Heirman is the new Chair with committee members including Bruce Archambeault, Andy Drozd, Bob Davis, and Don Sweeney. The committee will honor those individuals that have passed away since the August 2008 symposium at this year’s Austin symposium (with the memorial posters and a moment of silence). Articles have been placed on a regular basis in the EMC Newsletter. The committee will provide letters of condolences for those individuals that were honored in the EMC Newsletter. A copy of the Newsletter will be sent with the letter. Bruce Archambeault reported on the DL program. The DLs for 2009–2010 include Ji Chen, Sergui Radu, and Joungho Kim. The DLs for 2008–2009 include Eric Bogatin, Alistair Duffy, Stephan Frei, and Tzong-Lin Wu. The report includes detailed information on the number of DL presentations in 2008 and 2009 (to date) as well as financial information. The new DL candidates for 2010–2011 were presented along with their respective letters of support and topics for presentations. The Board approved the appointment of Dr. Giulio Antonini of the University of L’Aquila, Mark Steffka of GM, and Dr. Omar Ramahi of the University of Waterloo as DLs for 2010–2011. Mr. Archambeault spoke about the new “Respected Speakers Bureau.” Twelve speakers have been invited as part of the initial group. Colin Brench, Werner Schaefer, and Chris Holloway have accepted to date. The Respected Speakers Bureau will be announced at the Symposium. Todd Hubing then reported that the EMC Society Fellow Evaluation Committee reviewed six Fellow Nomination Forms. The results of this review were forwarded to the IEEE Fellow Committee. Fellow selections will be reported after the November IEEE Board meeting. Frank Sabath provided a detailed report for Region 8 that includes 1,235 active EMC members (93 arrears, 134 inactive, and five resigned). There are 12 EMC Chapters, and five Joint/EMC Chapters in Region 8. A joint AP/MTT/EMC Chapter has been formed in South Africa. There are six sections with more than 12 active members, which do not currently have an EMC Chapter (Denmark, Greece, Iran, Nigeria, Romania, Serbia, and Montenegro). His committee will address the formation of new chapters in these areas. No Region 9 report was received from Maria Alejandra Mora. Takeo Yoshino next reported on Region 10 activity. He discussed his recent visit with Elya Joffe to Australia in June and to Kyoto, Japan in July. Upcoming events in Region 10 include the Electromagnetic Compatibility Symposium in Adelaide, Australia, September 16–18, 2009 and the 5th Asia-Pacific Conference on Environmental Electromagnetics (CEEM 2009) in Xi’an China, September 17–20. Chapter Coordinator Francesca Maradei reported that the following chapter related awards will be presented at the Symposium: Chapter Founder Awards to Gustavo Fano for his efforts in founding the IEEE EMC joint chapter in Argentina and Kun We for his efforts in founding the IEEE EMC joint chapter in Harbin, China. The Chapter of the Year Award will be presented to the South East Michigan Chapter and Huntsville will receive the Most Improved Chapter Award. The new Chapter Coordinator effective January 1 is Sergio Pignari. Ms. Maradei is working now with Mr. Pignari to ensure a smooth transition. Mr. Davis closed his report by noting Chuck Bunting is the new Sister Society Coordinator replacing Randy Jost.


Board member Henry Benitez (left) of ElectroMagnetic Investigations and EMC Society photographer Ken Wyatt
of Wyatt Photo went incognito in Austin at the
annual dB Society party.

Bob Scully, Board member from NASA, received an
award during EMC 2009 for his services to the EMC
Society as Chair of the Technical Advisory Committee
from 2007–2008.


Communication Services
Todd Hubing, Vice-President for Communication Services, presented his report. Newsletter Editor Janet O’Neil reported the Spring 2009 issue was late due to problems with IEEE Publishing Services. The Summer 2009 issue will be laid out by an outside vendor and forwarded to IEEE for printing and mailing. The Society is likely to incur a financial penalty for this but Ms. O’Neil cannot get an estimate from IEEE Publishing. Financially, the cost to produce and mail the Spring 2009 issue of 96 pages is $18,533. The net ad revenue returned to the EMC Society was $13,896.85. There were 19 paid ads in the Spring 2009 issue. This is a sharp increase in paid advertising from the previous Winter 2009 issue. Transactions on EMC Editor-in-Chief Perry Wilson reports that as of July 31, 2009, 147 manuscripts have been submitted in 2009. Both the February 2009 and May 2009 Issues were mailed on time, during their respective months. There is currently no backlog of unpublished papers. A luncheon for Associate Editors will be held at the symposium. The Lightning EMC Special Issue will appear in August; there are 13 papers – Rakov and Rachidi are the Guest Editors. A PCB and Signal Integrity Special Issue is planned for May 2010 with Kim and Li as Guest Editors. Professor Heyno Garbe (EIC starting 2010) has been given access to the Managing Editor portal to get up to speed for taking over in January 2010. History Committee Chair Dan Hoolihan reported that he participated in the 2009 IEEE Conference on the History of Technical Societies from August 5–7 in Philadelphia. He gave a presentation on the “History of the EMC Society” and chaired a session during the three-day event. The conference produced a proceedings documenting the History of the EMC Society that will be available on IEEE Xplore. Founders of the EMC Society and Past-Presidents have been invited to the 2009 IEEE International Symposium on EMC as a guest of the EMC-S. A special luncheon will be held on Wednesday during the symposium for all Founders, Past-Presidents, and their spouses. Additional historical material on EMC and the EMC Society is being gathered and a proposal to digitize this material and make it available on IEEE Xplore is being investigated. A series of articles on the History of the EMC Society is being published in every issue of the EMC-S Newsletter; it includes a “look-back” in the EMC-S History (50 years, 25 years, and 10 years), an article or war story by one of the Founders or other prominent EMC-S person, and a re-publication of one of the top-ten papers from the IEEE Transactions on EMC. On the EMC Society website, Mr. Hubing talked about improvements. In the past few months, he has worked on cleaning up, organizing, and updating the website. Now, the Society needs to take back control of the committee pages. The “clean up” of committee pages is in progress.


Board President Elya Joffe of KTM Project Engineering and Dave Staggs, EMC 2009 Symposium Chair and Board member, celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the IEEE EMC Society Symposium with a giant cake. The cake was shared with the symposium attendees.

Conference Services
Ghery Pettit presented his report for Vice-President of Conferences. He gave a presentation about regional symposia, noting the annual International Symposium on EMC is the major source of income for the operation of the EMC-S. This typically nets a $200,000 surplus per year - in a bad year, the EMC-S is in trouble. This justifies having more regional events that are smaller than the main symposium and fewer days in length. For these events to be popular, it is important to stop publishing papers from EMC-S technically co-sponsored conferences in Xplore. This is something for the Board to consider in the future. The Board approved technical co-sponsorship of COMCAS 2009. Mr. Pettit provided a summary of activity for the 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 symposium committees. For 2013, Danny Odum and Richard Georgerian presented a proposal to host EMC 2013 in Denver. A representative from the Denver Visitors and Convention Center provided background information on Denver. Francesca Maradei gave a presentation on Dresden, Germany for the 2015 IEEE International Symposium on EMC. This is supported by the German EMC chapter. The chapter has toured potential host hotels and the convention center. They wish to be considered for hosting EMC 2015.

Technical Services
Bob Scully, Vice President for Technical Services, presented his report. Mr. Scully noted that this year iNARTE will introduce a new entry-level certificate, intended to recognize the achievement of new and recent graduates from a curriculum that includes appropriate course material to equip them for a career in EMC/EMI. iNARTE will invite Universities and other Training Institutes to submit course materials for iNARTE consideration. The iNARTE Board and invited guest experts will judge these materials with a view to approving the courses. Following this review, the University or Institute may be recognized as an iNARTE Accredited University or Institute, or alternatively as an iNARTE Approved Training Institute. The Board approved the formation of an ad hoc committee to address cooperation with iNARTE on membership issues. The Board also agreed in principal to support iNARTE in creating advantages that can be offered to iNARTE Associate members through the EMC-S. Kimball Williams will chair the ad hoc committee with members to include Randy Jost, Don Heirman, Todd Hubing, and Bob Davis. Next, Bruce Archambeault, Technical Advisory Committee Chair, led a discussion on the “no show” policy related to authors not being present to give papers at the annual symposium. Previously, it was suggested that if an author’s paper is not accompanied by a symposium registration, then the paper is removed. This has proven not as clean as it sounds, since many authors cannot get reimbursed for the registration fee until after the conference, and they do not want to keep this charge on their company credit cards for many months.  This is also true for the US Government people (and probably other governments as well).  At the moment, there are at least a few authors for the August Symposium who have ‘promised’ to attend and register when the event occurs. This year, more so than during past years, many authors are finding it impossible to get travel funds to attend the conference. Sometimes, they are asking others to make their presentation (so a registered person, even if not the author, makes the presentation). Is this acceptable in the future? Only one author is required to be registered, but if the speaker is not the author, and none of the other authors have registered, does this violate the intent of the Board’s position that one author must register? Bob Scully suggested a sub-committee be formed to investigate the topic of “No-Shows”, and formulate a policy that can be debated at the November meeting. He offered to chair the committee, with members to include Ghery Pettit, Bruce Archambeault, Elya Joffe, and Colin Brench. Leslie Matrinich from IEEE then gave a short report on the IEEE Technology Management Council (TMC). The TMC provides information and services to IEEE members and the worldwide audience of practitioners and researchers engaged in the profession of engineering, technology, and innovation management.

Strategic and Long Range Plan (Lrp)
Mr. Joffe presented an update on the LRP. The August 15 meeting was attended by 10 members and guests, including Henry Benitez, Colin Brench, Bob Davis, Todd Hubing, John LaSalle, Francesca Maradei, William Sommerville, Don Sweeny, Kimball Williams, and Takeo Yoshino. The objective of the meeting was to define the strategic goals for the EMC-S (as tied to the Society’s Vision Statement). The next LRP meeting is scheduled for November 14 in Huntsville, AL. The “Big Objective” will be to finalize the strategic planning by the March, 2010 Board meeting.


Colin Brench (far right), Board member with Southwest Research Institute, presented during the EMC
Experiments and Demonstrations session in Austin.
Elya Joffe was always busy during the symposium week.
He even took some time to play the saxophone to
great applause in the exhibit hall!


Old/Unfinished Business

The following items were discussed under old business:


     Initiative on Spectrum Engineering in EMC-S Symposia: Andy Drozd reported that this topic is well represented at the Symposium. There is a special session and workshop on this topic at EMC 2009. The committee now wants to address this topic with the Standards committee so it is more prominent in that arena as well.


     Committee Vacancies/Appointments: Mr. Joffe presented the open IEEE Representative Liaison Positions on the Representative Advisory Committee (RAC). The Society is seeking volunteers to fill in several of these vacancies, including:

  • Liaison to the Social Implications of Technology Society Board of Governors
  • IEEE Women in Engineering Committee (WIEC)
  • Government Relations Council of IEEE-USA (GR)
  • Energy Policy Committee
  • Committee on Communications Policy
  • Committee on Transportation and Aerospace Technology Policy
  • Medical Technology Policy Committee
  • Research & Development Policy Committee
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection Committee
  • Representative to the Committee on Career and Workforce Policy, Intellectual

     EMC-S Vote Enhancement Task Force: Discussion on this topic was deferred since electronic balloting has been initiated by IEEE and hopefully this will increase the percentage of returned ballots.


     Schedule for 2009/2010 Board Meetings: Mr. Joffe presented the schedule for the balance of Board meetings in 2009:

November 12–14, 2009 – Huntsville, Alabama

  • Nov 12 Standards, IT, Excom,
  • Nov 13 Board meeting and annual dinner
  • Nov 14 LRP meeting (full day)

For 2010, the Board meeting schedule is:

  • March 11–13, 2010 – San Diego, CA
  • July 25 and 29, 2010 – Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • November, 12–14, 2010 – Pittsburgh, PA

New Business
The following item was discussed under new business:


Motion to Approve Change in Voting Rights: Bob Goldblum led a discussion on voting rights of members of the Board of Directors. He proposed limiting the EMC-S BoD electorate to those elected by the membership-at-large. The Board did not agree with this proposal.

Summary of Financial
Impact of Approved Motions

Andy Drozd summarized the financial impact of the motions approved at the meeting.

Action Item Review
Secretary O’Neil reviewed the action items discussed during the meeting. An updated, consolidated list of action items will be sent to the Board following the meeting.

Closing Remarks
President Joffe thanked everyone for coming to the meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:15 pm.

Continuation of Board meeting on
Thursday, August 20, 2009, 6:00 pm

Board Members present included A. Drozd, H. Benitez, C. Brench, R. Davis, R. Ford, R. Goldblum, F. Heather, D. Heirman, T. Hubing, E. Joffe, R. Jost, J. LaSalle, F. Maradei, J. Norgard, J. O’Neil, G. Pettit, W. Schaefer, R. Scully, D. Staggs, D. Sweeney, K. Williams, and T. Yoshino. Guests included Richard Georgerian, David Britton, Dave Arnett, Kevin Slattery, Dan Hoolihan, Deshon Aaron, Bruce Archambeault, K. Phipps, and Milton Kant. President Joffe called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm. The agenda was presented. Several topics were added to the agenda, including the Immediate Past President’s report, the two motions deferred from the August 16 meeting, a VP Membership report adding affiliation of award recipients to the awards program, approval of reimbursement of the EMC Society photographer to attend the symposium, and the financial impact of approved motions.

Immediate Past Presidents Report
The Board approved the holding of secret e-ballots noting that Robert’s Rules of Order “allows a majority of the Board to make a ballot secret, but not one individual. A single person cannot force a secret ballot.”

Communication Services
Todd Hubing reported that Perry Wilson held his luncheon for the associate editors of the Transactions on EMC and all went well.

Standards Services
John Norgard reported that the new SACCom chair is Werner Schaefer, the vice chair position is vacant, and Don Heirman is secretary. Mr. Schaefer reported they plan to create a website and keep it updated. SETCom staffed the Standards booth on the exhibit floor. Qiubo Yi is the chair, Johan Catrysse is the vice chair. Six papers were presented in the standards workshop attended by approximately 50 people. On SDCom, Andy Drozd reported two meetings were held during the symposium week. The first meeting had 19 members and guests present; the second meeting had 17 members and guests present. Standards were reviewed. The website will be updated and major revisions implemented. “Smart grid” is the new topic of interest. SDCom appointed a study group to develop a position paper defining EMC related to smart grid. Political issues related to the Broadband over Powerline (BPL) standard were discussed.

Member Services
Bob Davis reported the Chapter Chair meeting and luncheon went well. The Awards luncheon went well. Seven new EMC-S members signed up at the membership booth on the exhibit floor. It was noted that the IEEE EMC Society membership booth should be located directly next to the coming year’s symposium booth. Fred Heather reported on surveys. A higher percentage of surveys were returned this year. Don Heirman requested that the surveys be extended to offering on Friday since it is a full week symposium. A discussion was held about adding the affiliations of all award recipients to the awards program. Bob Davis agreed to look into this. The Board approved providing a complimentary full symposium registration to the EMC Society photographer. Francesca Maradei reported on the Angel Program. The Chapter Angels serve as liaisons between the EMC Society Board of Directors and the Chapters on all matters relating to Chapter activities. She encouraged all Angels to be more proactive with their respective chapters, especially in the area of Chapter meeting reporting.

Technical Services
Don Heirman suggested the TC-8 on Product Safety move from being under the TAC umbrella to being under the RAC umbrella. Bruce Archambeault gave an update on TAC. He led a discussion on “no shows” and reported there was good attendance at the workshops/tutorials and at all sessions. iNARTE was brought back to discussion by Todd Hubing. The Board approved offering one year free membership in the EMC-S for iNARTE associate members who are joining the society for the first time. President Joffe noted that he would like to recluse himself for signing the iNARTE MOU on this activity since he is a member of the iNARTE Board of Directors.

Conference Services
Ghery Pettit led a discussion about Denver as the location for the 2013 symposium. The Board approved Denver as the location of the 2013 IEEE International Symposium on EMC. On EMC 2009, Symposium Chair Dave Staggs reported that the Hilton Hotel room block numbers were met. The overall response to EMC 2009 has been positive. The EMC 2009 number of exhibit booths sold was 197, compared to EMC 2008 (Detroit) selling 220 booths. The EMC 2009 full registration total was 531, compared to EMC 2008 (Detroit) having 584 full registrants. He noted the historical average over six years is 733. Janet O’Neil commented on the exhibitor’s breakfast and the challenges faced by declining attendance at the symposium as well as from competing global symposia.

Old Business
Elya Joffe reiterated the need to fill the vacancies for IEEE EMC-S liaisons on the RAC. He also showed the dates and locations for the remaining Board meeting in 2009 and those scheduled for 2010.

New Business
The Board approved allowing video photography in the exhibit hall during the symposium.

Talk About
Discussion ensued about technical co-sponsorship of symposia. Ghery Pettit and Bruce Archambeault agreed to form an ad-hoc committee to address the technical co-sponsorship issues addressed during the meeting. The committee will report at the November Board meeting.
     The meeting adjourned at 10:25 pm.
     Minutes submitted by:

Janet O’Neil
Secretary, EMC Society Board of Directors


Presidents of the EMC Society
The current and past Presidents of the IEEE EMC Society gathered for a group photo following the Awards Luncheon in Austin. Seated from left are Elya Joffe of KTM Project Engineering, Bill Gjertson of Boeing, Gene Cory (retired), Bill Duff of SENTEL, and Ed Bronaugh (retired). Standing from left are Andy Drozd of ANDRO Computational Solutions, Joe Butler of Parker Chomerics, Todd Hubing of Clemson University, Don Heirman of Don HEIRMAN Consultants, Kimball Williams of Denso International America and Dan Hoolihan of Hoolihan EMC Consulting.



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