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Know Who you Are and Know Where You’re Going To (“Slade,” the Seventies)
Hola! While writing this article, upon my return from yet another pleasant global outreach trip to Colombia, South America and visiting its IEEE EMC Chapter, and about to leave (a week later) to Argentina, for the same purpose, I have just noticed that my term as President of the EMC Society has almost reached its midpoint. This should be a time for contemplating where we are, as a Society, how well have I, in particular, and the Board of Directors (BoD), in general, served you – our members, and where can we better serve you in the future. As quoted from the famous song from “Oliver Twist”: “I’m reviewing the situation…”
Indeed, up to now I am glad to say that 2008 has been thus far a very enjoyable and rewarding year for me in my capacity as President of the EMC Society. Over the past year, I have had many excellent opportunities to personally outreach to our members around the world in various occasions, through Chapter visitations and presence in global symposia, engaging in fruitful discussions of issues as well as new ideas that would benefit the EMC Society. Indeed, it is my firm belief that the President and members of the BoD should be more “visible” to the members of the Society. I believe that this goal was met exceptionally well in several of the Regions 1-6 (USA), Region 7 (Canada), Region 8 (Europe, in particular), as well as Regions 9 (Latin America) and 10 (South East Asia). At the end of the day, networking is one of the most important benefits of membership in a professional society such as the EMC Society.
In my visits I regularly observe the ever-increasing interest in EMC and EMC technology. Globalization did not make our life easier in that respect – EMI knows no geographic barriers or borders and EMI control becomes a global concern. That is where networking becomes so useful – meetings are so much better than the written words, person to person contacts break some barriers which are otherwise there, regardless…

Welcome Reception at “GM World” in Renaissance Center, Marriott Hotel, Detroit. From left to right in front are Mrs. and Prof. Shuichi Nitta, and Elya Joffe.

What a Week… EMC’2008 in Detroit
One of the best opportunities to network with your colleagues, experts and novices alike, is at the annual International Symposium on EMC. This year, the 2008 IEEE International Symposium took place in Detroit, Michigan, organized by the outstanding team with the leadership of Kimball (Kim) Williams. Taking place in Detroit, it was but natural that the main theme of the Symposium would be associated with “Automotive EMC.” The presence of the automotive industry, particularly General Motors, was very apparent, and not only from the professional aspect… but more about that later on…
From my personal perspective, the week of the Symposium is one of the most exciting, interesting and… yes, most tiring weeks of the year. So much to do, so little time! It was no doubt a true challenge to keep track of the technical sessions, workshops and tutorials, committee meetings, as well as the various social events. I am sure all of you who attended this symposium shared this feeling. “Comfortably numb,” is that how “Pink Floyd” would describe it?
I will write no more on the technical program, and not for lack of words, but rather – for the overwhelming amount of words necessary. Suffice it to say that the selection was so large and the organization so well done, that regardless of what session you attended – it was sure to be a success!
But truly, if I were to point out really outstanding events, that would be the two social events, the Welcome Reception and the Gala Banquet.
The Welcome Reception took place in GM World at the Renaissance Center. What a great blend of old cars and new ones, coupled with renewing old friendships and making new ones…
But the highlight? – No doubt, the “Big Band” of the GM musicians! And to think that they were all amateurs? As an amateur musician myself (Tenor Saxophone …), playing in a similar band, I found them and their performance simply fascinating! Many thanks are due to GM for their gracious support through the free usage of the GM World venue and the inspiring “Big Band” music.
The second very memorable social event was the Wednesday Gala Banquet. This year in Detroit the banquet was held in the Renaissance Center, and included, in addition to a great meal, also live dancing music, setting the stage for us all – the “actors” - of the evening. What an enjoyable and memorable event that was.
The Thursday EMC Symposium Awards Luncheon was yet another memorable event, providing another opportunity to recognize many of our Society’s leaders and professionals for their achievements in 2007 and 2008. It was particularly exciting to present the President’s Memorial Award this year in honor of Albert A. Smith who passed away on 30 July 2006. His daughter, Denise Wynters, was present in the ceremony when the award was presented to Mr. Mosin Mondal from IBM. It was particularly exciting for me to have the honor to present this award honoring Al Smith, whose classic book “Coupling of External Electromagnetic Waves to Transmission Lines” I keep on my desk and use regularly.
The entire Luncheon and awards ceremony was exceptionally well organized and I would like to thank Bruce Archambeault, the outgoing Awards Chairman, for his professional organization and his ability to maintain a good spirit during the ceremony.
There is so much more to write about, however, knowing that this issue is primarily dedicated to the Symposium, I will simply end this Section by taking this opportunity to thank Kimball Williams, 2008 EMC Symposium General Chair, and his outstanding committee for putting together such a wonderful, high-quality and extremely enjoyable Symposium. This was truly a first class one, not easy to match!
Be Prepared… for 2009 in Austin, Live Music Capital of the World
While speaking about our annual Symposia, I invite you all to mark your calendars. The call for papers of the 2009 IEEE International Symposium on EMC (in Austin, TX, August, 2009) has just been released (see page 88).
Austin is also known as the “Live Music Capital of the World” and believe it or not – a “Call for Musicians” (in addition to the call for papers) has also been issued. “No kidding!” Join us and combine radio and audio frequencies and enjoy a spurious-free spectrum of professional and social experiences.

The Gala Banquet in the Renaissance Center, Marriott Hotel, Detroit.Anat and Elya Joffe dance with the band in the background.

IEEE 2008 Sections Congress, the United Nations of the IEEE
The IEEE 2008 Sections Congress took place in the beautiful city of Quebec, Canada, in September. This event could jultifyably be called the “United Nations of the IEEE.” Members of most Sections of the IEEE worldwide attended this magnificent event, focused on issues common to Sections and Chapters worldwide.
The EMC Society was one of the only Professional Societies represented in the Congress, by Dave Staggs, the Vice President for Member Services, and myself, your President. That was a wonderful opportunity to meet members of Sections from literally all around the globe, exchange ideas, and most important – reach out and work together to form new Chapters of the EMC Society.
As a result of discussions held at the Sections Congress, ties were formed with members from Macedonia, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, and possibly the most exciting of all – Iraq.
In a presentation I made to the attendees in one of the breakout sessions regarding the ties between Society, Section and Chapter, it turned out that the services the EMC Society offers to its Chapters (officially “belonging” to the Sections), exceeds by far the services offered by many other, larger and older Societies, even within our own Division (Division IV).
In addition to this being a very professional and great outreach event, this was, no doubt, a great opportuntiy to make friends from all around the world and form ties between different Societies. Truly, this is an example of “engineering beyond barriers.”
The next Sections Congress will take place in San Francisco, USA in 2011. I encourage those of you who are active in your Sections, especially if you are part of the Section (or Chapter) leadership, to attend this wonderful event.

IEEE 125th Anniversary (Young for 125 Years…)
The last quarter of the nineteenth century was marked by a tremendous growth in electrical technology. This growth, coupled with plans for an international Electrical Exhibition to be held by the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, prompted twenty-five of America’s most prominent electrical engineers – including Thomas Edison, Elihu Thomson and Edwin Houston – to call for the formation of a Society to promote their burgeoning field. The birth of IEEE is rooted in the founding of the American Association of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) on 13 May 1884.
The global IEEE formed in 1965 as a result of a merger of the AIEE and the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE). In the 1930s, the extensive applications of electron tube technology made it more and more difficult to distinguish the technical boundaries between the two organizations. After World War II, when problems of overlap and duplication of efforts arose, the merger plan was formulated and approved.
It was just less than two years ago, in 2007, that the EMC Society celebrated its 50th anniversary. The official 125th IEEE anniversary date is 13 May 2009. The EMC Society, as one of the Societies of the IEEE, plans to commemorate this special event at its May 2009 BoD meeting and accompanying events, in particular, at the Philadelphia Chapter meeting taking place on May 22, 2009.
Join us throughout the year as we celebrate 125 years of innovation and ingenuity. Whether you participate in a local celebration, or contribute to our online message boards and contests, everyone can be a part of IEEE’s Anniversary Celebration.
By celebrating this milestone anniversary, you honor the countless contributions that IEEE members and the technology profession have made that have changed the world, and support the development of future technologies that will benefit humanity.
Get involved in the IEEE's 125th Anniversary Celebration with the EMC Society. Dan Hoolihan has agreed to lead the activities of the 125th celebration. If you have any idea, please do not hesitate to covey it to me <> or to Dan <>.
By celebrating with us you’ll be able to see what your colleagues are doing, take advantage of excellent networking opportunities, and participate in something truly unforgettable.

Recent Global Outreach Continues
I have just returned from Manizales, Colombia and am heading again to Buenos Aires, Argentina, only five days later, in an outreach endeavor to Latin America. Interest in EMC is growing fast, and very high quality work was presented by members of the BoD delegation, including John Norgard, our Vice-President for Technical Services, and myself.
We had the chance to observe high quality work, particularly in the field of Power Quality, High Voltage and Lightning, and were thrilled to see the enthusiasm and spark in the eyes of professors and students alike for the topic of EMC.
We were welcomed very warmly in Colombia and trust that this visit will not only increase the activity of the Colombian members in the EMC Society, but that their success will reflect on neighboring countries and Sections, encouraging the formation of new Chapters in Latin America.
A full article on the outreach efforts to both Colombia and Argentina will be published in the next Newsletter, including impressions on the coffee. Try “Juan Valdez” Coffee. You will not regret it!

New Officer Elections
Finally, as I mentioned in the beginning of this column, I am almost half way past my term as President, looking back in amazement at time, as it flies. I am glad to have yet another one year to serve you as President.
However, in the upcoming November BoD meeting (you will receive this issue after that meeting), the BoD will be electing its new slate of officers for the next two years, as well as the President-Elect for the year 2009, to be installed as President in 2010.
As the preacher says in the book of Ecclesiastes (Qoheleth), Chapter 1:
One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh: but the earth abideth for ever: The sun also ariseth, and the sun goeth down, and hasteth to his place where he arose: The wind goeth toward the south, and turneth about unto the north; it whirleth about continually, and the wind returneth again according to his circuits: All the rivers run into the sea; yet the sea is not full; unto the place from whence the rivers come, thither they return again.
Thus is the way our Society goes on: A generation passeth and a new generation cometh, but the earth abideth for ever… We have an excellent slate of candidates for the various offices, and no doubt that those elected will continue to drive the EMC Society to new heights.
Incidentally, do you realize that the last sentence: All the rivers run into the sea; yet the sea is not full could be a reflection on Ampere’s Law (or “Kirchhoff’s Law of Currents”)? Think about it.
For me, this will be both a year of continued service to the Society as your President, as well as for training my successor, whomever he or she may be. I look forward to working with the newly elected officers and trust that we will, as members of this great Society, all benefit from their service.

I Would Like to Hear from You!
As I have repeatedly preached over the years, the best way to benefit from your membership in the Society is to volunteer. As the Society evolves, and new initiatives emerge, we are always in need of volunteers. I look forward to working with all of you who join the volunteers of the Society, helping achieve the set of our goals for the benefit of us all.
For checking about volunteer opportunities, or simply for making a suggestion, comment, or just for dropping a friendly note, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at: You will receive a reply! EMC

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