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With the current Personality Profile, I would like to introduce a colleague who has been an active part of a successful story for the EMC Society in Europe. Her name is Vesna Roje and she is the Chair of the Croatia EMC Chapter.
Three years ago, a good friend of mine, Heyno Garbe, drew my attention to Vesna and introduced me to her many activities in the EMC area. I think most of you will remember her involvement in the SoftCOM conference as well as her key role in establishing the Croatia EMC Chapter. Personally, I first met her during the Chapter Chair retreat held in conjunction with EMC 2007 in Hawaii. I was impressed by her personality and the exciting activities of her young Chapter. When I returned from Hawaii, I decided to write a Personality Profile on Vesna.
Vesna Roje studied electrical engineering at the University of Split, Department of Electrical Engineering. After receiving her first diploma (Eng. Degree) she continued her studies at the University of Zagreb where she received a master and then PhD degree in 1974 and 1983, respectively. Since 1967 she has been with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (now Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture) at the University of Split. After some years as an assistant and lecturer, she was promoted to assistant professor at the Department of Electronics in 1985. She continued her academic career by accepting the position of an associate professor in 1993 and a full professor in 1997.
Professor Roje dedicated her professional life to the area of electromagnetic wave theory, boundary value problems and computational electromagnetic modeling. As a PhD student she started her scientific work by investigating and developing numerically efficient methods for analyzing microwave planar structures (particularly microstrip) with a special focus on the convergence problem and avoiding the spurious modes in the solution. The main contribution of this work was in succeeding to get the complete spectrum of the solutions for the frequency dependent phase constants of the hybrid modes by direct numerical integration of the integral equations. Since finishing her PhD thesis, her research interests remain in the area of electromagnetic wave theory, the implantation of numerical methods and modeling propagation structures.
Vesna later came into contact with EMC aspects as her main research work, including antennas and telecommunications, and investigation of unwanted electromagnetic interference. Since then she has stayed interested in EMC issues. Vesna focused her EMC related research on enhancing the understanding and the impact of the emerging technologies and developments in the area of communications technology to EMC. Due to her roots in antennas and telecommunications, her main idea was to find out how the theory and techniques known in antenna and propagation may impact or help in EMC research. As one consequence, Vesna started organizing the EMC meetings in Split. Due to her dedication and leadership, the special session in 2001 was the beginning of a symposium on EMC held in conjunction with the International Conference on Software, Telecommunications and Computer Networks (SoftCOM)
Beside her research, Vesna helps young researchers to improve their skills, develop their knowledge, learn from and exchange their knowledge with the experts in the field. Driven by this idea, she formed the Applied EM Research Group at the Department of Electronics, with only one PhD student. Over the last 15 years, the group has grown into a team of six young people (with one full professor and one assistant professor). The young members of the research group are becoming the experienced colleagues, partners and even better scientists and are well known in the electromagnetics and EMC community. Vesna told me that she believes this is her biggest achievement and contribution to the scientific community.
Vesna has been a member of the IEEE for more than two decades. A few years ago, Elya Joffe was able to inspire her to form the Croatia EMC Chapter. After some discussion with colleagues and the support of Elya, the Croatia EMC Chapter was recognized in March 2005. Currently, Vesna is serving as Chair of the Croatia EMC Chapter. Her Chapter might be small, with regards to the number of members, but is very active. Due to her great leadership, Vesna accepted the 2008 IEEE EMC Society Chapter-of-the-Year Award for the Croatia Chapter.

Choir Mirta performs at a concert in the Diklecian Palace (Vesna Roje is shown on the far left).

Professor Roje has published over 100 scientific papers in international journals and conference proceedings and is a leader of national and international scientific projects. She is the Co-editor of many books and is a member of the editorial boards of several journals including the Journal of Communications Software and Systems (JCOMSS) and the Serbian Journal of Electrical Engineering. She is the Co-Chair, organizer and a member of the International Program Committees of numerous EMC conferences and meetings, is Chair and the founder of the IEEE EMC Society Croatia Chapter and Chair of the TC - EMC of the Communications and Information Society (CCIS) - Sister Society of IEEE COMSOC. Additionally, she is a full member of the Croatian Technical Academy of Science, a Fellow of the Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT), a member of the Management Committee of COST 261 and COST 286 Action, as well as a network leader and national expert of the CEEPUS project. Professor Roje is reviewer for many scientific books, numerous journals and conference papers.
On the private side, Vesna is married and the mother of two adult children: Nora, who is an architect and Ivan, who is a civil engineer. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband Boris (an electrical engineer, now retired) in a cottage by the sea on the island of Brac. There she enjoys fishing, working in the garden, and resting in the peaceful surroundings with a good book and music. Not only does she enjoy listening to music, she is also an accomplished singer. She is a long time member of a choir that performs classical music (particularly those from the 16th century) and traditional Dalmatian songs. EMC

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