TC 6
Spectrum Management

Annual Meeting Minutes

August 19, 2003

Boston, MA








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Arto Chubukjian

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Alan Lindsey

Air Force Research Lab

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2003 Meeting Minutes:

The 2003 IEEE EMCS Technical Committee on Spectrum Management (TC 6) annual meeting was held at 5:30 pm on August 19th at the Sheraton Hotel Berkeley Room in Boston , Massachusetts .

(1) TC 6 Officer Changes:

- Arto Chubukjian will be transferring his TC 6 Chair title to Tom Fagan at the close of this year’s symposium.  Arto has held the title of TC 6 Chair for the past 12 years.  Tom has held the TC 6 Vice Chair for the past three years.  Miki Brown will move from TC 6 Secretary to Vice Chair, and Karen Dyberg has accepted the position of Secretary. Members present approved the changeover.

(2) Salient Points of Discussion:

- Conference Paper Reviews:  TC 6 received 4 papers to review this past year.

- Membership update issues will be discussed in the TAC meeting.

- Tom Fagan (TC 6 Webmaster) has updated our webpage.

- TC 6 did not have enough submitted papers to hold a special session at the conference this year.

- Tom Fagan will keep all TC 6 members informed of issues and plans via e-mail.  Please ensure that Tom has your current contact information.

- The FCC has floated new regulatory concepts, e.g., interference temperature, white space, etc., which need to be tracked by TC 6.  Full details on this issue are unknown at this time.

- TC 6 reviewed and approved two questions submitted by NARTE through TAC.

(3) TC 6/TC 3 Proposed Merger:

- The proposed TC 6 (Spectrum Management) and TC 3 (Electromagnetic Environment) merger has been dropped by TAC.  This is no longer being considered.

 (4) Guest Speaker Presentation:

-Dr. Alan R. Lindsey, P.E. of the Air Force Research Laboratory/IFGC, Rome Research Site gave a presentation on "Multi-Objective Joint Optimization of Transmission Hypercube" which addressed the issue of dimensional inefficiency in utilization of the RF transmission space. Dr. Lindsey's view is that the "spectrum crisis" is, in fact, no crisis at all, but this is entirely due to the fact that there is no identifiable path toward optimal utilization of the entire transmission space.

-Dr. Lindsey’s presentation will be posted, with his permission, on the TC 6 webpage.

The 2003 TC 6 meeting was adjourned at 6:50 pm .

Michele F. (Miki) Brown

TC 6 Spectrum Management Secretary


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