Technical Committee 5 - High Power Electromagnetics

Subcommittee on Lightning

Contact: Marcos Rubinstein,
Institute for Information and Communication Technologies
Ecole d'ingénierie et de Gestion du Canton de Vaud (HEIG-Vd)
Route de Cheseaux 1
1400 Yverdon-les-bains
Ph:  +41 (0)24 557 6296
Cell: +41 (0)79 430 1977
Email: Marcos.Rubinstein@heig-vd.ch

Members: see attached list


- Provide a review pool for lightning-related submissions to IEEE EMC Symposia
- Organize sessions, workshops/tutorials
- Liaison to international working groups and international symposia


International Symposia Related to Lightning and its Effects
- International Conference on Lightning Protection ICLP (since 1951)
- International Symposium on Lightning Protection SIPDA (Brazil, since 1989)
- International Conference on Lightning and Static Electricity (ICOLSE)
- International Conference on Atmospheric Electricity (ICAE)
- International Lightning Detection Conference (ILDC)
- Lightning sessions at EMC Europe and other EMC conferences
- Lightning related sessions at AGU and AMS meetings and at URSI General Assembly
- Asia-Pacific International Conference on Lightning (since 2003)


International Working Groups on Lightning

IEEE Power Engineering Society
-     IEEE PES Lightning Performance of Overhead Lines Working Group  (Chair: Emmanuel Petrache, Vice-Chair: Jens Schoene. )
-     CIGRE Working Groups (Study Committee C4)


International project on EM radiation from Lightning to tall Structures
Chair: Marcos Rubinstein, Vice-chair: Gerhard Diendorfer

- 24 partners from 14 Countries (North America, Europe, Asia)

IEEE EMC TC-5 Lightning Subcommittee Members
July 2013

Dr. Yoshihiro Baba
Prof. Alberto Borghetti
Dr. Richard Briet
Mr. Thomas Chin
Dr. William Chisholm
Prof. Vernon Cooray
Dr. Gerhard Diendorfer
Dr. Bob Gardner
Mr. Fred Heather
Dr. Fridolin Heidler
Prof. Masaru Ishii
Mr. Elya Joffe
Mr. Randy J. Jost
Mr. John Kappenman
Dr. Behzad Kordi
Mr. Mike McInerney
Mr. Bill McSheffrey
Prof. Rouzbeh Moini
Prof. Carlo Alberto Nucci
Dr. Mario Paolone
Prof. Alexandre Piantini
Dr. Andrew Podgorski
Prof. Farhad Rachidi
Dr. Bill Radasky
Prof. Vladimir Rakov
Mr. Eli Recht
Prof. Marcos Rubinstein
Mr. Bernd Steinkuehler
Prof. Rajeev Thottappillil
Dr. Melson Theethayi
Mr. Dave Walen
Dr. Shiegeru Yokoyama