IEEE EMC Society Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD)


During the Wednesday Aug 17th 2011 GOLD EMC session, outstanding speakers such as Bruce Archambeault and Todd Hubing presented “Career Profession as an Engineer or So you want to get promoted?” and the “Three most important (technical) EMC concepts you didn’t learn in school” respectively. 

Six attendees came to understand what engineers should do to get ahead at work and how to improve in both technical and non-technical areas. 

First, one needs to understand that promotion does not come with just doing the job right.  Set a goal and figure out how to get there.  Common options are to choose between a technical or management path. Second,  deciding on what tools are required to achieved in the chosen path and be known in the technical community are critical to the achievement.  Third, personal commitment is a must!

Finally, the “three technical most important EMC concepts” was presented:

  • Controlling the path of low-frequency currents is hard. Controlling the path of high-frequency currents is easy
  • There are 4 (not 2) EM coupling mechanisms
  • A change in the imbalance (not imbalance itself) converts differential-mode signals to common-mode noise.

We hope that more GOLD EMC members will join us for our next GOLD event and thank you all for attending.